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  1. Uncle Stretch

    Just Stopped By

    Hey everybody. Just wanted to say hi to all the old members that might still remember me. I'm alive and doing well. The bad part is just clicking over 67 my desire to jump out in the garage and whip up a bike frame has gone. I had fun and sometimes when I'm really bored I look through all my old...
  2. Uncle Stretch

    Stupidity at its finest

    Ok I'm bored and I had this front wheel off of an old Honda three wheeler. I had trashed the rest of it. Anyway i decided that it could be used for something. I had my fab buddy build me a couple parts where I could put a sprocket on it. Ok that worked pretty good so now I have a cool big...
  3. Uncle Stretch

    A try with a motor

    I have been away from bikes for a while and my brother in law decided I needed to build him a bike with a motor. I thought when he called and asked information about what route to take , he was just wanting information....Wrong. I suggested a company and they had high reviews on their 4 cycle...
  4. Uncle Stretch

    Just stopping to say hello

    Been a long time since I posted anything. Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everybody, and hope yall are doing good. I have missed frame building, but not the mess in my shop. Play some with my lathe and mill but there is just so much stuff you can build with one. Its kinda like your...
  5. Uncle Stretch

    New Hobby (New Addition)

    I have always wanted a lathe. Don't know how to run one ,but that is the fun part. I saw a Harbor Freight 8x12/14 on CL for $575. New they are a grand now at HF. With a 25% coupon its still about $900 with shipping. This one is in good shape with added tooling so I figured I would buy it. When...
  6. Uncle Stretch

    Motor Question

    I watch everybody build bikes with motors. You use strange stuff to get the power from the motor to the wheels. I have several clone motors in different cc's. One 50 no gear and a 90cc auto...a 110cc auto and a 125cc with a clutch. Seems so easy to weld a mount, hook a chain to...
  7. Uncle Stretch

    333 shifter question/problem

    I have one of those 333 shifters on a Nexus 3 speed. It shifts forward good, but when you pull it back its like its out of adjustment. I have messed with the adjustment trying a little closer to the line and then right in the middle but it doesn't seem to stop it. I know a Nexus shifter runs...
  8. Uncle Stretch

    Parts Trial Frame

    Ok this is about all I can do to this build. I have never built this frame to really ride. It was always a frame to try out parts on. I have always liked it , but never really spent much time with it. Anyway here it is. I thought I was finished , but still need to hookup the shifter.
  9. Uncle Stretch

    Parts Trial Frame

    When I first started here I liked a 1938 Colson frame. I built a couple stretched 7'' to make them more comfortable. Then I bought a Jd2 bender to have the ability to bend a looptail for a rear triangle. I bent a couple and one ended up on this frame. I stuck some 24'' rims on it and the...
  10. Uncle Stretch


    Is it just me or is this a Schwinn dx for $60 on houston CL?
  11. Uncle Stretch

    Building a wide fork

    I need a wide fork for the build I'm doing now, so I figured I would do a quick how to. Maybe someone will want to try it . I bent a piece of 1'' 16 ga. tubing in my jd2 bender. I have a worksman fork to use. Next I lay the 1'' tubing on the fork and draw where to cut. I cut it with a porta...
  12. Uncle Stretch

    Schwinn American

    Ok so I'm not a Schwinn fan but it was a deal. Looks in pretty good shape on the chrome. The paint is marginal. I think its a 50's. Got them stupid 26x1 3/4 tires. They may be the wrong size. Probably needs the 1 3/8 '' I will have to stick some air in them and see if they actually fit. Its got...
  13. Uncle Stretch

    Fat Fix

    Stick a fork in mine, its done.
  14. Uncle Stretch

    Electro Etch Stuff

    Ok I decided to try my hand at making a headbadge. I had a place make me some vinyl stickers. I really didn't know how big to make them and wound up too large. Decided to try the etching anyway. I found a post on how too. It uses salt water and electricity. Cheap stuff so I tried it. I had a...
  15. Uncle Stretch

    Coaster Brake Squal

    Does anybody have a fix for a coaster brake squalling. I have experienced it on some Nexus 3 speed hubs and now my Mongoose does it too. It it from bad brake pads , or the wrong grease? I added some on this bike to the hub , but it didn't quieten it down any. Wondering what it takes to stop it.
  16. Uncle Stretch

    Welding tip

    Ok you have your frame all tacked together and your ready to weld it up. Now producing a nice weld comes in several parts. The ability to weld...a good machine to weld with ....and being able to get to what needs welding. Laying a frame on your work bench or clamping it in your vise , are not...
  17. Uncle Stretch

    Fat Fix (COLOR CHANGE)

    Ok I'm in. I want to spiff up my fat bike. I plan to build another frame that is a little longer and maybe do something with that BMX looking top tube. Probably won't be too exotic, but I plan to change it up some. I got my bender busy and bent a couple stays and a couple extra to change the...
  18. Uncle Stretch

    Shining your Walgoose's shoes

    Pull one wheel. I did the front one first...easier. Then pull the tire ....pull all the spokes out. Then trot down to the auto parts store. Buy a can of Aircraft stripper. I know you probably don't have an aircraft. Don't cheap out, or try to save the ecology with that orange stripper crap. Buy...
  19. Uncle Stretch


    Ok throw my hat into the anything goes my ammo today.
  20. Uncle Stretch

    Fun With Springs

    I was looking and someone brought up an old post on how to build a springer. There was one and it was made with two forks and a spring. I looked and I had a worksman fork , that I cut the neck tube off of to rebuild another fork. I checked and a piece of 3/4'' solid rod fit in what was left of...