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  1. carolina rat

    Phantom, I finally got one

    Here is my latest bike, its outfitted with new fenders, new light cover, new tank, new Schwinn tires, and new S2 wheels. The frame and chain guard still carry there original paint. Some body really had fun with this bike back in the day, you should see the pedals, they have lots of asphalt rash...
  2. carolina rat

    Rat Trapped 8-8 `Update~

    Here is my build off bike, had it for a while and have an idea were I will be going with it. Also have a pic of a tank I have bought for it off ebay, what a match. They are just a shade off but I think I can pull it off. 8)
  3. carolina rat


    Here it is! Before After
  4. carolina rat

    Apes Flames And White Walls

    Here is my latest bike. Is a Roadmaster made by Cleveland Welding(do you see a trend with some of my bikes). I bought it off ebay to restore but when I got it here it was calling to me, Rat Rod, Rat Rod, RAT ROD. So here are the pics, the first one is of the day I got it then the rest are after...
  5. carolina rat

    If you polish, it will shine!

    I posted a pic of this in fresh finds last week. It had been sprayed with chrome paint over the original chrome :x . With a lot of rubbing (for some reason paint thinner wouldnt cut it :? ) here it is. I used almost a whole pack of steel wool on this baby. 8) The first pic is as found, the rest...
  6. carolina rat

    Not sure?

    Im not sure what it is but is cool. 8) All the letters are off the gaurd and missing badge between headlights. Some dummy didnt know about steel wool and painted it with chrome paint :x , but it will come off :wink: . What is it, who made it?
  7. carolina rat

    2 nu finds

    Here is what I found. A crusty Tiger 3 speed and a fairly clean speedster 3 speed. Havent cleaned them up yet, dont think that the tiger needs any cleaning maybe the only thing it needs is some rusty apes to go with it. :D What do ya think?
  8. carolina rat


    Here is what I found this weekend! Its a Panther in grrreat patina. I have all the racks, there just a little more crusty than the bike. Ill see if they will clean up and put them back on. Here are the pics.
  9. carolina rat

    Transformer finished 5-11

    Here is my bike that I am entering into the build off. This is my first attempt at a build off and also the hacking of a frame! :D This one will be built for my son to ride because he would like to have a 50's style bike like mine. Boy's bikes in the 50's are hard to find down in the south so I...
  10. carolina rat

    Trail Blazer (Super Clean)

    Here is what my freinds call my trailer queen of bikes. :P It is an all original Cleveland Welding Trail Blazer. Its a super clean bike to be an original 50's bike. I do ride it quite often, just a little more carefull with the antics :roll: . Had to change out the tires, it had the original...
  11. carolina rat

    Rollfast update 3/28

    Here is what I have so far. It a 50's Rollfast frame with 72 spoke rims, Kenda flame 26x2.125 tires, unknown stem, crank, and bars, with a columbia tank. What should I do next?
  12. carolina rat

    OG. Hawthorne

    Here is one of my regular riders. The paint color is original and absolutely pops in the sun. 8) Its mostly original, has the original indian head whitewall tires, yes I ride on them. :mrgreen: This is a simple bike but is one of my favorites to ride and gets alot of attention because of is...
  13. carolina rat

    Tyclean (Ratphoons younger cleaner brother)

    Here is one of the cleanest bikes that I have. 8) It is a later model Typhoon in very good shape, with a clean speedo and 2 speed kick back rear hub. Everything is original to the bike exept the seat. :roll: This bike even rides on the original westwind tires and tubes. :D
  14. carolina rat

    Country Boy (Green & Yeller)

    Here was my first attempt at a total restoration. It started out as a badly weatherd Western Flyer repop, it was sandblasted down to the metal to remove the rust and covered in green. :lol: Then cleaned and painted some S2 rims wrapped in a slick for the front and knobby on the back. Then came...
  15. carolina rat

    Lady Higgins

    Here is another lowrider that I made for the lady. This bike was modified the same way that the Ratphoon was, a big pipe. My wife liked that bike so much I created this one for her. The patina on this bike is great and look awsome sitting beside Ratphoon! Notice use of the pedal as the...
  16. carolina rat


    Here is a bike I built out of spare parts. It all came together well to be thrown together. Started with a bare Typhoon frame, forks and chainguard, added crusty S2 rims, wide whites, Mag chain ring, old style spring seat, ten speed stem, wide handle bars, crusty grips, massaged out the front...
  17. carolina rat

    Fat Western

    Just joined the site, here is one of my rides. Original Western Flyer with fat 24's added and wide black fenders. What do yall think?
  18. carolina rat

    New to here!

    I have been watching for a while, seen alot of cool stuff on here and want to be a part. I already have the addiction, as most of you have. Sometimes it is so bad that my wife is jealous of the time I spend with the bikes. I mostly like the ballooners but have many others. Here are some pics of...