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  1. pholTmonx

    Happy holidays ratters!

    Busy time of year for all, just want to say thanks for all involved in this forum. Thanks for making it fun place and safe place for the bike-o-holic... Been fun few months and look forward to the coming year. I'll be logging in less next few but wish all the best and will be sure get my voting...
  2. pholTmonx

    Monday FUNDAY!!!

    FedEx Gus look concerned.. only thing they could muster up was " dude, you got 4 this time..." Mild confusion mild bewilderment was detected... @ind-chuckz delivered on 2 24"*3" hoops one hung with a SA kickback and the other Shimano 3 speed w shifter.. stoked, was built to my request... Really...
  3. pholTmonx

    What is it

    Trying for $50 And mostly for the Burbank bike license But cwc stays and dropouts? I'm interested in the guard and wheels, is that a skip tooth? Thanks.
  4. pholTmonx

    How to disassemble cottered cranks?

    Hey so on Higgins chick, the tin is coming along nice, need to prep the frame, want batch shoot as mutch as I can. Popped of the head cups and went to deal w the cranks.. 3 piece cottered. The broke free easy, but now what, I tried knocking them back with a brass hammer didn't seem to budge...
  5. pholTmonx

    My flyer(?) From marius

    Really happy with his project... Think we will work well together also in future. Fork and frame were red with cream, I managed to get some indication of where they wee as I stripped. Wasn't sure how I'll finish, was consider paint, but the stays are clean enough I think I'll treat it them clear...
  6. pholTmonx

    Help figure out my mystery red bike

    So one of my recent bikes is this lovely reddish painted red bike. The chain ring was on for at least one paint job so maybe helpful.. this one has some frame repair at the bottom bracket but for now not getting done. H311992 if that helps  2 3/16" center on badge holes vertical center...
  7. pholTmonx

    Verns plating, Gardena California

    Hi so I visited Vern's today to drop of some client work to do, I got to chatting with Bob... Oh my... This is a hot rodders chrome shop. The amount of bike and motorcycles going on was awsome. I come to find Bob is quite the collector, and really enjoyed what he had to show me at the shop. This...
  8. pholTmonx

    Nice surprise today

    After feeling like I DID receive good customer service and support from @Kent from Bikeflights and chatting w @kirk I felt better about FedEx mess... Still need use transport so fingers crossed... FedEx came today... And this is how boxes should arrive... Below are the clipper and Columbia I...
  9. pholTmonx

    Flyer springer fork help please

    Waiting for fed ex, I started prep some of the flyer... I noticed plating inside the hoops so took stripper to it and noticed pink developing... Oh oh... Washed it off to try trop it form working to well fount red hoops w white bands... Not going be able save fully but may be cool rats when...
  10. pholTmonx

    @kirk second grouping

    Hey all here we go with some more of @kirk treasures.. any questions or inquiries please direct them at @kirk prices are plus delivery. If have other stuff ur looking for ask before its gone. These are not his only listings First up Men's rollfast with springer (I warned you and gave you chance...
  11. pholTmonx tips thread

    Let's have a place to help members use bike flights services more efficiently. So far my biggest new things are asking sender to take pictures of box (we do recycle so it's fair verify condition) Share the order number, that's how bike flights keeps tracking. I'm not clear on insurance... The...
  12. pholTmonx

    Incoming!!! stuff and FedEx issues

    So bikes are starting to land. Have fed e looking for one bike, but 2 of 3 landed today. The looptail Steblar from @kirk The bottom "bracket" is strange, it's a bolt together clam shell, I'll get picks later, busy sorting and storing... Very happy w packaging, Kirk added heavy foam blocks to...
  13. pholTmonx

    Kirk's ladies for sale

    Hi all @kirk has asked me to help him post a listing, while we try sort out image loading. The following 3 bikes are up for sale he is asking $250 plus shipping each the 1st one is Green Columbia Rambler, The white one is a Westfield Fleetwing, and the blueFirestone if any would more...
  14. pholTmonx

    Rollfast shelf pull build..

    Was thinking I get to long beach for a ride and swap tomorrow... Always fun slap a ride together... I'll start with this have to get some work done today so maybe I'll have time finish some parts for it before the morning... Hope I can make it, if not I guess I have an other bike:) Frame I...
  15. pholTmonx

    If you had to pick 2 out of these

    What would you go at first... Thanks.... Monday Funday is good... Quick reply will help cheers
  16. pholTmonx

    Trike hub and fork

    Going to pick this up in the morning and some other small stuff... No idea what it came off of or if it's home built.. still fun.
  17. pholTmonx

    JC Higgins girls ride

    Stoked on a good local deal. Better shape than I expected..for $50 it was for parts but looks like she will get built.. Project stripp-O-rella on the block. Any info or ID appreciated.. can see factory pins on the fenders through the house paint and rattle can.. 3 piece cranks surprised me. Love...
  18. pholTmonx

    I'll Never post to Craig's finds again

    Feel like I shot myself I the foot while it was in my mouth.. have not been posting last few days while I chased this. best is it was property of los Angeles school district prior. The man I bought it from almost made me a bit I'll. He said he was able to save only this on.. 12 years ago his...
  19. pholTmonx

    Droopy Schwinn leg

    So I got a Schwinn I'm happy with but the kick stand folds to a really awkward dangle.. it keys in nicely but is just wrong. Any tips... It goes past but hits the frame. Thanks.
  20. pholTmonx

    Y'all are looking for scrap seat material

    Sometimes the ghetto gods are good to me... Have a few lowrider upholstery shops by me... This ended up on the sidewalk in front of my shop. Super GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!thats ostrich inserts... Nananana nener nice Sunday find *It's a headliner from a full size sedan...