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  1. bikedudeomaha

    Univega "alpina" lawee design

    i know mt. bikes are not everyone's cup o tea. but i've been looking for one of these for a while. only mt. bike that i wanted. got it for cheap. full tange chromoly frame and fork. tange headset. araya 26x1.50 hoops. shimano exage components. rides great. i added the bars( cant stand strait...
  2. bikedudeomaha

    REDUCED firestone super cruiser parts

    monarch built, firestone super cruiser women's bike parts. the whole bike was spray bombed. all prices are shipped to the lower 48 only please. pay-pal. 1. head badge- $25.00. prob the only part that wasn't painted. includes mounting screws. 2. chair pedals -$25.00. both spin good. 3. SOLD chain...
  3. bikedudeomaha

    memorial day

    hope everyone has a great memorial day!
  4. bikedudeomaha

    wartime manton & smith non pareil

    bought this yesterday at an estate sale. in very good shape, clean up was easy. tires are almost nos. lots of blackout stuff. some before and after pics.
  5. bikedudeomaha

    38ish colson rover

    this one was in the antique section of cl. stole it for 100 bucks. 38ish colson ladies rover, missing the fender light. chainguard is broke by the bb. aluminium fenders with holes on the back fender for skirt guard. had offers to buy it already but gonna keep her for awhile. starting the...
  6. bikedudeomaha

    bars, pedals, ect...

    some stuff for sale. bars are $20.00 each shipped. # 3 are schwinn, # 5 are wald. others i don't know. (ALL PEDALS SOLD)pedals are $12.00 shipped(pedals next to "s" seat are SOLD) (SOLD)neck is $12.00 shipped.(SOLD) 24 hole schwinn scrip front hub is $12.00 shipped (SOLD)schwinn "s" seat is...
  7. bikedudeomaha

    (all frames sold)frame sale and gt seat

    reluctantly need to part with some frames. gotta pay bills, etc... 55 IS SOLD double top tube rollfast is SOLD. first up, (SOLD)62 schwinn wasp frame, heavyweight, frame is straight, comes with headbadge and cups.(SOLD) (SOLD) 63-64 rollfast double top tube, middleweight, straight frame, comes...
  8. bikedudeomaha

    SYNRGY video up

    as done as its going to be. not a whole lot on the build thread, so much going on this summer. but here it is. started with a 1950 schwinn straight bar frame and went a little crazy from there. painted everything!:eek: still...
  9. bikedudeomaha

    SYNRGE is done

    this is going to be a collaboration with my friend/landlord. she wants me to build a steampunk inspired bike. i want it to be done by july 30th so i can ride it in the benson parade. this one is going to be wild..all sorts of doohickeys and knobs and gauges. gonna loose the purple for sure. 24"...
  10. bikedudeomaha


    found this one today at a estate sale here in omaha. seems to be snyder built? mabey prewar? looking for any info on it. also need a good pic of these kind of springer forks assembled correctly. bike was found partially disassembled, so i need a guide to put it back together correctly. see pic...
  11. bikedudeomaha

    gotta love bikes that look like a pile of junk but...

    are most definitely not! stopped by the goodwill warehouse on my way back from work today. this was sitting with some other bikes that looked like they were sitting in a field somewhere. never so glad to see this looking like a junker. the manager thought so to and priced it at $10.00!!! so..a...
  12. bikedudeomaha

    ross mt. bike

    bought this one today at the goodwill for 10 bucks. has some nice lee-chi scizzor brakes on it. and the reason i bought it was the stem. big bulb shaped thing:bigsmile:. had to change the bars right away... cant stand mt. bike bars.
  13. bikedudeomaha

    rollfast thrift shop find

    scored this one today from a local thrift shop. 70 too much? just gonna clean and ride this crusty critter. if i can straighten the forks out that is! would this be a dp harris or a snyder built? maybe a 55 from the serial #. i think the deep maroon color will come back some. some nice old...
  14. bikedudeomaha

    found some forks for klunk-fast

    stopped by the goodwill warehouse today after work, picked up an old huffy mt. bike that had these on it. paid 10 bucks for the bike. these things add alot of lift to the front end. had to take of the kickstand:21:
  15. bikedudeomaha

    garage sale bianchi advantage

    picked this one up sunday at a garage sale for $10.00. pretty nice bike. of coarse i had to rat rod it out to my taste:D. bike rides like a dream. 700 araya hoops, shimano hubs, chen chin tires. taiwan made. a few before and afters.
  16. bikedudeomaha

    usa made 16" mongoose..pit bike?

    so a friend of a friend dropped this off to me today. wondering if anyone has any info on this. is it a pit bike? or maybe just a kids bike? any value? year? i dont think the tires and rims are correct. had a schwinn seat on it. thx for any info allen
  17. bikedudeomaha

    (ORBO) klunk-fast finished

    i was going to clean the bike up real nice, but decided to leave all the snow and dirt and grim on it for the finished photos. after all, that's what this ride was made for!!:rolleyes: glad it is done. the bike rides great. handles the snow and ice great. cant wait to get it on the dirt track...
  18. bikedudeomaha

    box of parts

    i picked up a box of old bike parts today for free. found some cool stuff and the usual junk. grips are just singles...too bad. but hey, they were free!
  19. bikedudeomaha

    (orbo) klunk-fast

    ok. i'm in. this is my kind of build off! i get to work indoors this time! good thing, its a balmy -9 wind chill outside. this is my starting point. ive had this old huffy pork chopper frame for over a year now. bout time i did something with it. gonna have to cut up the rear a little, just to...
  20. bikedudeomaha


    merry christmas and happy new year to all the ratroders out there! may next year bring you all the bikes you can handle! allen