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  1. Heavy Pedal

    Helen A. Handbasket

    Retro Huffy ladies coaster cruiser spraybombed black and headed for a dark future. Looking to start off with a new image and a couple modifications, she enrolls in the witness protection program and transforms into a racey red number pushing the boundaries. Branding a name that let's others...
  2. Heavy Pedal

    Saved from the scrappers

    Hey! I haven't been very active and checked out the RRB webpage and saw there's a build-off brewing. Well this will do me some good to do something other than work. My buddy text me this pic and asked if I was interested. Free... The dad was gonna scrap it because his son 'painted' it and no one...
  3. Heavy Pedal

    American Dad

    For build #9 I'm using this Schwinn DeLuxe American because I like the look of it and I'm tired of moving it around in my garage. When I got it it had been sitting in the same spot for 20 plus years and the rims were crumblerusty. Here's a few shots with another item I've threatened to toss many...
  4. Heavy Pedal

    Late entry

    Saw the chance to build another bike in the Muscle Bike Build-Off and decided to give it a shot, so I went out to the garage and pieced this contestant together. No clue yet...
  5. Heavy Pedal


    Catchy name, huh? Well I figured since the build was somewhat simple, let's keep the name on the same page. I tried to use as much of the bike as I could. The rear wheel, along with the tire and tube were shot. I saved the fender for a future 'Demo Derby' themed build, and the fork... was bad...
  6. Heavy Pedal

    Rusty Hiawatha and a Derby

    Picked these 2 up off cl. Probably save them for a future buildoff. Any info, year, would be great! Thanks!!
  7. Heavy Pedal

    Hey... free is free!

    Driving my 2nd job, route delivering, I came across a sign that said FREE. There were 3.5 bikes there. Took these for rebuilds parts. Cool!
  8. Heavy Pedal


    Build-off time again! The wait was long, but it will be worth it to see the sickness we've all been dreaming up for this build! My volunteer is, and correct me if I'm wrong, a Monark Roadster. I'm guessing the year to be in the mid '50's. I'm digging the look of this bike so I might leave the...
  9. Heavy Pedal

    Strait Steal

    I had both fun and frustration with this build, but overall happy with the results.
  10. Heavy Pedal

    Strait Steal

    A hopeless unknown 24" cruiser. Anybody know the make of this one?
  11. Heavy Pedal

    Schwinn Spitfire year

    I got this a couple of years ago and I'm interested to know what year it was made. There is no serial number anywhere on the frame. I took the crank out to check that, saw the AS & CO, a 2 and thats all I can make out. Any help would be great.
  12. Heavy Pedal

    Violet Crime (Hiawatha)

    Hey all. Haven't been on the Rat Rod site for a while, so I checked it out and see a build-off has started. Cool! This bike has been sitting by the side of my garage for over 2 years. I got it from a guy in Wisconsin along with a few others about 3 years ago. Pushed it outside to make room. Put...
  13. Heavy Pedal

    SchWinn Pixie

    Starting with this sorry-looking Pixie that's been parked against my garage for awhile now. Have no idea, but plenty of time with my work hours being cut. But hey... whadda ya do? Build a bike! This should be interesting since I'm not a fabricator and the only thing my wife has seen me weld is...
  14. Heavy Pedal


    I finally had time to complete this build, and I didn't think it would happen. I had the main part of the bike built, but I had some extras I wanted to add to the bike, and I knew I wouldn't have time for posting every little detail, so I added them and will briefly explain them. The headlight...
  15. Heavy Pedal

    Bauer Freestyle BMX

    Found this at a garage sale yesterday for $5. I've never heard of a Bauer bike until now. Seems to be in good shape, except for the tires, rotted and cracked. Hoping to clean n' flip. Any info about this one would be great. Thanks!!
  16. Heavy Pedal

    Hercules & Coast King

    Got a tip from a friend out hitting the garage sales about this Hercules. Said it was free, so off I went. Then I got this Coast King off CL for $20. The frame is cool! I wish I would have had this for the build-off, but I'll probably put some new tires on it and maybe a different seat and...
  17. Heavy Pedal

    Sears Tandem

    Picked this up at a garage sale Thursday. The bike has been painted over in blue over the original black paint. Would like to remove that blue paint, but oh well. You can make out 'Sears' on the chainguard, and it has Sears in a circle on both tires. But the pedals say Columbia on the sides. I...
  18. Heavy Pedal

    Bed of bikes

    I was gonna meet up with a buddy of mine last weekend, and he asked if I'm still into bikes, cause his neighbor has a pile to throw out. I said 'Bring 'em with.' So he only got 6 in the bed of his Dakota, but told me to come and get the rest. Here's what he brought. A few parts donors on top...
  19. Heavy Pedal

    Blackened (7-21, update)

    Cool! RRBBO4. I missed the space build-off. Lotta great bikes in that one! I'm using what I believe to be a Columbia Sterling, because it says Sterling on the chainguard. I posted this bike a while back in the finds section, and someone said it was a Columbia. Any help with the year of this...
  20. Heavy Pedal


    Found time for assembly. Had fun with this build and I really enjoy riding this one. It cruises soo nice! Took some outdoor pics today before sunset, then found out the computer isn't working, so I'm using my cell phone. Lotta cool klunkerz done! Great job to all!! Later.