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  1. wheelbender6

    Mongoose "Big Daddy" Muscle Bike on EBay?

    First time I have seen one of these. Pretty cool. "Mongoose Big Daddy Don Garlits Muscle Bike rare like Schwinn Krate Stingray. Condition is "like New". Shipped with Flat Rate Freight. This is the story I was told when I bought the bike. In the late 90's mongoose and hall of fame drag racer...
  2. wheelbender6

    Trestle Collapsed on My Bike Path

    I rode the Tempe Town Lake bike paths many times when I lived in the Valley of the Sun for 15 years. It was also a good way to access the Indian Bend path in Scottsdale. - The Tempe Town Lake RR Bridge collapsed this morning with ten cars on it. Nasty fire too. The bike paths underneath it...
  3. wheelbender6

    Cut or bend Kick stand?

    I finally ditched the clamp-on kick stand from my Flighliner and mounted a proper one. Unfortunately, the kick stand is too long. Would it be easier to cut this stand or bend it using a propane torch?
  4. wheelbender6

    Your fat bike in front of a statue or carving

    A lot of people in my coastal village have a 5 foot Tiki carved locally. This dude has a Moai that must be 20 ft tall.
  5. wheelbender6

    Brake Job

    Saw this Sachs drum brake on FleaBay and placed my order. It installed easily with a little grinding here and there. Now I need to rub in some chrome polish on that frame and fork.
  6. wheelbender6

    Chopper on craigslist

    Usually, when I see a motorized bike on craigslist, it is a cheap bike and a poorly installed motor kit that wont run. I love this one, though it needs a seat and some other items. I'd ride this one if it didn't have an engine...
  7. wheelbender6

    Playing in the Sand

    I had planned on some action photos, but my wife decided to take a nap. The beach was nicely packed, but transitions areas between pavement and beach were super soft.
  8. wheelbender6

    Eddie Merckx falls

    Cycling deity Eddie Merckx suffered a bad head injury this week from a bicycle crash. Most of you that have donned the spandex know that Eddie Merckx won all the Grand Tours of cycling, and won both the TDF and Giro 5 times! -Eddie was such a rabid competitor that he tried to win EVERY stage...
  9. wheelbender6

    Flat Tracker

    I saw this pic on a motorized bicycle forum. I don't know who built it.
  10. wheelbender6

    Schwinn World Tourist

    I have seen this bike locked up at my local grocery store the past few times I visited, so I snapped a pic. Not Chicago made, but it has a nice lugged frame made by Giant in Taiwan. Hardly a scratch on it.
  11. wheelbender6

    Sears Spyder 24"

    I bought a Sears Spyder 24" frame/fork this week (banana seat bike). Original chrome finish has been painted over, so no need to attempt to source original parts. -It was advertised as a Sears Screamer, but I don't think there were any 24" Screamers produced. -I don't think Sears sold any...
  12. wheelbender6

    ID this Banana Bike?

    This was recently posted on my local craigslist in Houston. Can anybody ID this unique frame? Seller said its a 3 spd but it looks like it has a derailleur.
  13. wheelbender6

    Muscle bike coffee shop

    I stopped in Stangos coffee shop in San Angelo, TX for a latte, and saw that muscle bikes were hanging from the ceiling. Sorry about the blurry pic but I was excited. Looks like a Krate and a Pea Picker. I wish they would open a Stangos near Spacetown.
  14. wheelbender6

    Rim brake adapter for fat tire bike?

    Anybody know where you can get a brake adapter like the pic, but big enough for 4 in tires? Thanks
  15. wheelbender6

    Thinking about this Spyder

    This 24 inch is on my local CL. Nothing rare, but a nice, complete 24 inch banana bike. Vintage Sears Spyder Single Speed Muscle Bike - $135 (Katy, TX)
  16. wheelbender6

    Modded Currie

    24v Currie kits are cheap and simple to install, but they are very tail heavy and performance is unimpressive. I upped the motor gear ratio with a new freewheel to gain some top speed. I moved the SLA batteries from the rear rack to an ammo box in the frame triangle. I needed a new housing...
  17. wheelbender6

    Electrified Rat

    Saw this one on Endless-Sphere. It was so nice that I had to post it there. I have an e-bike of my own but it is a mountain bike and not much to look at.
  18. wheelbender6

    Clean Ebike setup

    Saw this e-build on another site. Almost no visible wires or other untidy bits. The saddlebags are actually wood containers covered in leather. Lipos are in the saddlebags. This would look great on a vintage cruiser. The equipment list: - 9C 2807 hub motor - 2x Grintech torque arms - Lyen 12fet...
  19. wheelbender6

    This 24" on CL look like a good deal?

    Does this look like a good deal? This post is on my local craigslist about once a month. It looks like a Sears Spyder but it is badged as an SR. Has: Ten speed console shifter Dual rear brakes 24” wheels (I could ride it) Appears to be made by Murray I thought I may get it and add a banana seat...
  20. wheelbender6


    Should be a very smooth ride with that wheelbase.