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  1. SurfKlunk

    Back yard pump track

    Inspired by this Getting....PUMPED! Stay tuned for updates and carnage:eek::rockout:
  2. SurfKlunk

    Coaster brake blues

    So one day I’m riding and skidding, giving my then 5 year old a run down on the basics. I had recently purchased a wheel set off of that E site. And was shaking down the then fledgling stages of I bent the snot out...
  3. SurfKlunk

    Bike Park score!

    Went to the Morro Bay bike park the other day and saw this hanging out by the tool table and nobody around. It was still there and nobody coming to get it when I left an hour and a half later so I rescued it. Just in case I left a note with my name and number in case the owner wanted it back(no...
  4. SurfKlunk

    Turkey’s in your back yard!

    I have 14 :dance2:
  5. SurfKlunk


    A little background, Back in the 90’s I rode my mountain bike a lot and around that time one of my friends introduced me to 50’s and 60’s cantilever Schwinn’s and a guy that had a bunch for sale. Now my buddies black 50something cantilever had Redline Flight cranks which is really what made me...
  6. SurfKlunk

    I blew it!

    Started posting in the Build off already. My name is Ira and I live in Morro Bay, Ca. I’ve loved bikes and riding forever. Recently took apart and rebuilt the headset and bottom bracket of my wife’s 1979 Schwinn Spitfire 5. I also added new brake/shifter cables and replaced the old impossible to...
  7. SurfKlunk

    BO15 Stoked!!!

    Howdy I’m new. I read the rules for this build off and as I was going to rebuild this thing I thought I might as well enter the contest. This is a 1967 Schwinn Typhoon, I believe, as it came with the 2 speed which was taken apart and now long gone and it doesn’t have the tank braze-ons like the...