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  1. fast eddie

    Kansas City, 2018 Run What'cha Brung Gravity Race!!!

    The Eddies Club is excited to announce the 2018 Run What'cha Brung gravity race!!! We hope to see board tracker, cafe racer, and race inspired bicycle builds at the KC Soap Box Derby track on Saturday September 22nd. It is a gravity race but if you run coaster brakes then you are welcome to...
  2. fast eddie

    The Eddies Custom APV Club, Kansas City

    The Eddies Club would like to be a selective group of A.P.V. enthusiasts who use their own imagination and hands to create custom or customized kinetic machines that are not powered by combustion engines. The Eddies would like to provide an environment and venues where ideas can be shared...
  3. fast eddie

    Kansas City Swap meet, August 2013

    Hi all, We're hoping to start an annual swap meet, and the location is awesome! check out details below at the event page !
  4. fast eddie

    making old lights LEDlights

    can anyone provide a link or some pix of an old bulb light to LED light conversion? thanks!
  5. fast eddie

    i miss this one ...

    I built and sold this bike a few years, ago, ssuuurrree wish I would have kept it !
  6. fast eddie

    Frank N. Stine finally done!!!

    This is Frank N. Stine!! I started building Frank for a Rat Rod Bike site build off then never finished him until a few months ago. Cleveland Welding fork, 24” vintage Schwinn coaster brake wheel set. I fabricated the body pieces to mount the light switch/wiring assemblies that power the...
  7. fast eddie

    Steroid Bike - finally done!

    This is the Steroid bike. The “steroid” bike is my answer to the “Muscle” bike. It was built differently for a few years but it wasn’t ride-able. I decided against having anything in the garage that wasn’t was only a show machine. We did some mod’s to 20” frame so that it would accept the...
  8. fast eddie

    my Gravity Bike finally done!!!

    I’ve posted different stages of build of this bike, but it's finally done, powder coated, pinstriped, assembled, and professionally photographed. I themed this bike after Kansas City roller derby legend, "Stormy Trooper (pictured) to say thanks for her efforts that make Kansas City just a...
  9. fast eddie

    Kansas City Chainless Race!! Oct 13, 2012

    Hi all!! I'm hosting another gravity race in Kansas City! This hill is novice enough that speeds will not be dangerous. We are hoping to make this an annual family freindly event. This is NOT an outlaw event. I hope to see some awesome bicycles out there, and even though there's no pedaling...
  10. fast eddie

    finished my motorized schwinn!!!

    hay all! i finally finished this thing! i been havin a lot of fun breakin in the motor around the neighborhood. for size reference i'm 5'7", it's a 26" schwinn w/ 24" wheels and a 24" rattle trap fork. this is my first attempt at a motorized project, i have 2 other rollin chassis ready for...
  11. fast eddie

    ever made a bolt together springer fork?

    has anyone ever taken 2 forks and made a bolt-together springer fork? im gonna make one but i'd like to see some ideas first. i have a double crown fork and a regular fork both 1" head tubes, i can fabricate the drop out easy enought but i'd like some ideas for the top half. anyone? fast eddie
  12. fast eddie

    a completed rescue

    i rescued this bike from a garage. it was a trail bike with some different part on it that ya see here. i flipped the stem, added monkey bars/rack/air pump. i rebuilt absolutely everything on this bike. i replaced the thumb turn index shifter with a grip/twist shift for the rear. i...
  13. fast eddie

    a moped (maybe) for my younger son

    i plan to put a motor on this eventually for my younger son lil eddie. it's a 24" department store bike that i put a 20" fork and 20" wheels on. like most of my builds, it will get a bent seat post installed also. i might switch out this fork for a shock fork w/ v-brake mounts - especially if...
  14. fast eddie

    my lil' pony

    ive re-named this bike since i decided to put a motor on it. what a pain - ive had to make spacers and a mounting bracket cuz the kit is designed for diamond frames not curved bar frames. i put a tiny chainring on it to keep the motor low. it's a 26" scwhinn frame with a 24" rattletrap...
  15. fast eddie

    20" cafe racers

    this doesn't have pedals and it's a downhill machine so if i'm not putting this in the correct forum i apologize. the handle are welded directly to the fork tubes and i made this seat out of an old office chair, 2 x 4s, foam padding from old baby matresses, duct tape, and i had it upholstered...
  16. fast eddie

    steroid bike

    its been a while since i posted anything, so im gonna put up some of my bicycle dorkery ! i named this "steroid bike" as a play on the term "muscle bike." a local motorcycle shop did a frame mod for me so that i could run this chain. this is the only 20" frame that i coud find that would fit...
  17. fast eddie

    garage monsters needed for a show!

    hey all, it's time for kansas city's cowtown kustom Greaserama show by Los Punk Rod's car club. It will be labor day weekend at the Blvd Drive In in Merriam Kansas. The Eddie's Custom APV Club is hosting the " No Gas Nationals" section of the show again this year, and I need some garage...
  18. fast eddie

    lookin for loco jo and the wichita coasters!!

    hey jo, fast eddie here, can ya gimme yer email? i want to send something to you and the coasters! fast eddie
  19. fast eddie

    kansas city build off ??

    ATTN GARAGE MONSTER BUILDERS: im considering organizing and putting up some prize money/trophies for a kustom bicycle/APV build off. each build would be themed after a specific Kansas City roller derby girl. i would start promo after the first of the year (2011) and the project would need to...
  20. fast eddie

    Kansas City Derby Girl Build Off

    im considering hosting a build off through The Eddie's APV Club and putting up a cash prize and/or trophies. the build off projects finish deadline wouldnt be till spring and i wouldnt start promoting it till after the first of the year (2011.) the build off themes would be any kansas city...