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    Here is my finale shot was hard picking one but I think this one shows the bike best Heres my second pic Heres where I started More stuff to come just wanted to get it in on time Heres my build link
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    27 Hibbard

    This one went quick first time I had it together looked like this But could not get it to steer right tried a lot of things but never got it right . also drive train was never right so abandoned it and used the wheels on another bike So then it sat around for I think a couple of years ...
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    Might do a couple of bikes but starting with this 30s Zenith Has a kinda yin yang chain wheel and think we all need a little Zen right now .
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    Garry The Leprechaun Strandie

    Almost forgot before pic Here it is easier to build the bike than shoot the pictures for me . Still hard to capture the color but as close as I could get . Parts rundown . 1954 Garry made by CCM frame and crankset Crankset is a four leaf clover or a Celtic cross depends how you want to...
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    RRBBO13 Garry The Leprechaun Strandie

    Wasn't going to enter but wanted to use up some 26inch bike parts that I had sitting around. So I found a 1954 Garry frame made by CCM and started building a Canadian Strandie . This frame was missing the top brace in the chain stays and the head tube was bent to the left but after a little...
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    Electra and S&S

    Do these fit here Electra is the first 29er bike with disc brakes that I have spent any time riding . (me like) Changed out the seat and the bars . Have the 26 inch Quadrangel frame in the for sale section putting the wheels back in my clunker parts stash . Custom steel wheels with a Sachs 2...
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    Here it is wish I had a better picture but I'm out of time and the snow and ice are gone Build thread Icecycle 30s Hercules
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    Icecycle 30s Hercules

    Here is my entry It's been a while since I entered one of these things and I have mostly been working with 28inch 700c size bikes lately . I got this bike from the son of the original owner It came with fenders and a large iron paperboy delivery basket on the front . Color was Burgundy but has...
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    Ofmega cx nos some very lite shelf wear never been ridden $100.00 shipped Atom 700 used in excellent condition could use a lite cleaning $70.00 shipped could knock off a little cash if you bought both sets.
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    MESINGER slide rail seat for sale restored blasted and repainted recovered in leather stuffed with horsehair and thin layer of foam . Bad news is clamp is shot display only I know there are good ones out there $135.00 shipped SOLD Next Ladies Troxel seat in original very...
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    Santa's bike

    Just got it don't know what Santa is going to deliver presents with I got his bike 1934 CCM DELIVERY BIKE
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    (WBO) Psycho path racer 2

    I was not going to enter the build off but thought I would join the fun I don't think I am going to win as there are some really awesome bikes but is there a prize for fastest build . Here's what I am starting with pulled it out of a snowbank started yesterday. The place that I used to...
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    Steed John Steed It's Done

    Here it is will add more comments later Here's the build thread Here's a list of whats in it for parts an such Frame is a 40s 50s Royal Flyer from what I can find made in England sand...
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    Steed John Steed It's Done

    Here's my other Royal Flyer frame made in England so going with a British twist Think John Steeds 1920's Bentley Race car from the old Avengers TV series Color British racing Green
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    Flatland Flyer

    Think I'll get in on this one here's some parts I 'll be using some old some new . Modern Crank and old school head tube loose bearings
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    Recently got these two beauty's CCM 2 speed Chargers top is a 68 bottom is a 67 and is all original except the front tire 68 has a newer seat and front tire . 24 inch 2 speed kickback rear wheels 20 inch front . Paint is a scratched but bikes are in great condition chrome is good no...