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    Dyno Moto Glide - valuation

    Breaks my heart but I'm between jobs and forced to sell off some of my stuff. I've got a Dyno Moto Glide that rides and shifts good. One of the original wheels broke so I had a set of bomb-proof rims laced up using the nexus hubs. I also rode the seat to death and replaced it with a brooks...
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    Night Ride - "The Obscura Mobile Wing" (video)

    The quality has far exceeded what I expected for a $129 camcorder. We were strapping it to our bikes using an Ultrapod II. Great little tripod with a ball head that also straps to anything pipe or branch like.
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    Help ID Fresh Find - "SKYWAY"

    Colored Tuffs has a bunch of Skyway stuff.
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    Night Ride - "The Obscura Mobile Wing" (video)

    Recently the bicycle gang that I ride with conducted a night ride to patrol the neighborhood looking for wild pigs and mutant squirrels. When we ride at night all bikes are outfitted with some form of cold cathode light and a radio to play Obscura FM, our pirate radio station. When done...
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    If the voting is called off Spinman can still decide who he thinks should get his trophy and award it accordingly. The only vote that matters to me is my daughter's. As long as she likes the bike then we both win. :-) Hats off to all the builders. Very inspirational build and I'm coming...
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    Josie's Skate Trike

    It's never really over because this trike is ridden daily by Josie and all the other little kids on our street. That's Mee-Maw in the background doing a safety inspection. Found the Hello Kitty tassels and bell in the dollar bin at Target. The boards are sturdy. "I like my big pink...
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    Franken Ray

    Outstanding! :-)
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    Stick a fork in it, cause ***Forked Up *** is DONE

    Re: Our entry, title, ***Forked Up *** I was about to post that this thing looked like a wheelie machine! :-) Great work.
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    Josie's Skate-Trike (update - music video)

    Test ride music video Whoah, heh, my wife bought me a flip video camera for my birthday so I shot some footage of Josie testing out the skate-trike. music video Tried several different ways to embed the video without luck. If there is a way to do it send me a clue and I'll edit the post...
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    VeLow Bomber-Trike

    Outstanding. Can't wait to see how it turns out. :-)
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    Josie's Skate-Trike (update - music video)

    Re: Josie's Skate-Trike It's a SIGMA SD-14 and 50mm lens. The camera uses a different sensor technology and it's pictures have a different look about them. I also like the prime lenses. They're almost always sharper than zooms. I guess I'm an odd-ball when it comes to bikes and cameras...
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    Josie's Skate-Trike (update - music video)

    Picked up this tough little trike at Goodwill for $5.00 The tires are all flat The headset is bone dry and it's got some rust But my daughter Josie is really excited about building a custom "pink bike" so here we go. My father in law is an old hot-rodder and retired pipe-fitter so he...
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    Mooney gets a make over!

    I'll buy your Moon Eyes chainring. Send me an email or PM.
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    Monster Garage Sale find....

    36 inch wheels man! A regular sized sprocket would be un-ridable.
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    Lunch Bike

    It's a way to make alternative transportation FUN. It's also paying dividends on the fitness side. I'm riding almost every day now and it feels great.
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    The Super Tanker

    Awesome! On some of the more radical customs like this one I would really like to see a photo of the builder or a test pilot riding the bike. It'll help us visualize scale and stuff.
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    Lunch Bike

    I swapped out the parts I needed and then gave it to a fellow member of the Obscura Mobile Wing. He is going to repair it to a ridable state and then we're going to give it away to the first new recruit who shows up for three training rides. :-)
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    Lunch Bike

    Backstory: Recently I sold my diesel beetle (40MPG) and bought a Tacoma Doublecab pickup (18MPG) and quickly realized that gasoline was too expensive to maintain my 60 mile daily commute. I solved the problem by using the Park-N-Ride lot 6 miles from my house. Riding the bus is nice. I...
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    Houston Moonlight Bicycle Ramble - Obscura FM

    You want to ride the ramble with Team Obscura! Team Obscura will have a rolling pirate radio station. We've got an FM transmitter and all riders in our group will have FM radios. It's something we are calling Swarm Sound Technology. We'll make you feel at home because we're all about Rat...