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  1. Vin-New


    I’ve had this sittin for years and could never decide what to build it. I like the old road bike look but also the cruiser look, so I’m Compromising within myself:) Hence build name: COMPROM15E
  2. Vin-New


    I bought this frame here about 5 years ago 2014, I think its way overdue! I was thinking of fitting 26” wheelset, maybe Brick Red tires, how about a 2-Speed kickback, will Girvin forks fit? Vintage+New aluminum parts, maybe? I’m excited about this build and time for the Fun to begin for me!
  3. Vin-New


    VOLTAIC-Ryder (INCOMPLETE) Incomplete build for the Competition but I will continue to build and Complete it. GOOD LUCK to ALL who have Completed and Finished, Looking forward to seeing the Results. (To Be Continued...) Hello All, Late entry build, nothing complex. The plan is to Electrify a...
  4. Vin-New


    Qwik-S11VER (Quick-Silver). I too will be joining the Build-off with my Silver King Frame, I'm thinking with a Multi-Speed, Not sure if it will be a kickback or shifter yet. Utilizing parts that I have collected over the years to best suit the build. No plans for customization just a fun build-up.
  5. Vin-New

    SchwINDIAN Legend Motorbike

    Hello All, I'd like to share my Motorized Bicycle in this Photo Contest, Had a Great Time Building it and a blast to Ride, Amazingly that Old Brass Cylinder Tank Still works! Enjoy the Photo. Great Bikes and Photos All! Always a Pleasure to see everyone's Creativity.
  6. Vin-New

    Fender Ornament Make?

    How's it going, I bought this knowing it's a Bicycle Front Fender Ornament but can't seem to find what it was off of or make. Any info/help would be appreciated. Thanks-Joey
  7. Vin-New

    Withdrawn 10/20/15 (MBBO#04 Class 1) Surfin' Safari

    Withdrawn 10/20/15 (MBBO#04 Class 1) Surfin' Safari The plan is to keep the Beach Boys Surfin' Safari theme (or close to it :). I will be utilizing a 26" Frame and meet the min criteria for Muscle Class. "This Should be a Fun One!". Thanks -Joey. Update: 09/03/2015 Here is my rendered...
  8. Vin-New

    Bikes-Boards-Beaches, California Build

    Bikes-Boards-Beaches, California Build. I'm thinking of building this concept I rendered electronically. Looking to get some feedback/Input. I have a late 30's Roadmaster Frame I'm considering using. I also have the Shockmaster Springer. I'm Not sure if I'll go real wood or Faux Wood for the...
  9. Vin-New

    FOX MX...?

    Hello All, Picked up this Frame and Fork set. The guy mentioned it being a FOX Made Frame/Fork. I thought it was the perfect pick for the ORBO:) It's been Spray Bombed with silver paint. Rear Shocks seem to work. The front ones seem stiff not certain if they work yet. Definately missing a lot of...
  10. Vin-New

    RIDE-ON Club Logo?

    How's it Going All, I was thinking of starting up a Bike Riding Club out in Central California. I came up with this design, I need some feedback (all feedback), I'm not sure on Colors yet but please let me know your thoughts. Thank You -Joey. Here is a Color Option on white backing. Also...
  11. Vin-New


    MiXFiT was Fun to build and had a few changes here and there with Hands-On build but I think I'm Happy with the Finished Bike, I enjoyed the Hands-On more than the Computer Build. I Hope to make the Computer Rendered Version someday. Great Builds Everyone! Good Luck to All and keep this in...
  12. Vin-New


    Hello All, I saw this nice painting at a Long John Silver Seafood restaurant on my way back from Vegas. I took a pic of the whole painting and then a zoomed-in one of the bike. Looks great until I realized the Drive Side is on the left. Just my pickup on detail. Enjoy :) Thanks -Joey.
  13. Vin-New


    MIXFIT I will be using a Mixed variety of Bike Parts Vintage-New to Fit and compliment my bike build, 50's WF X-53 will be my base for the build. Not sure if I will go with single speed or multi speed. Possibly Fenders. I'm not much of a fabricator but I do have a vision for a Faux tank in...
  14. Vin-New

    1930s Double Bar Help identify No Badge

    1930s Double Bar Help identify No Badge. Picked up a Frankenbike and the head badge was removed with Vertical Mount holes. Serial#25749/H8/small 6 below. Head tube measures 5.5" tall and has a letter stamped which looks like a letter "C". Drop down Rear Stand eyelets are bigger than usual. I...
  15. Vin-New

    1995 Dashboard Kick Scooter - Value?

    Any ideas of Value on this 1995 Dashboard Branded Kick Scooter? Adult Sized with 26" Wheels, Front and Rear Hand Brakes, Full Covered Fenders, Handle on rear fender for ease of maneuverability, Had this for a while, was thinking of adding colored Fat Tires on it, It has "RatRod" written all over...
  16. Vin-New

    Drum Brake 20" Wheel - OLD or NEW?

    Hello All, Got this 20" Wheel with Drum brake, Markings say "Three Star" "San Jung". Heavy Duty Spokes, Wheel is straight, Nice Condition, Was thinking of mounting on my Cycle Truck! Is it New or Old?
  17. Vin-New

    Early 50s Hawthorne by AMF/CWC - Survivor!

    Early 50s Hawthorne by AMF/CWC - Survivor! Well I thought I found me my Base Bike Build for my Racer and turns out this bike is mostly original! Very Clean, No Frame Damage, Hardly any Rust! The tires are Questionable as they are Allstate tires made by Sears, Unless Montgomery Ward and Sears had...
  18. Vin-New

    Salinas, California Vintage Bike Swap 11/23

    Vintage Bikes Swap - Salinas We will be having a Vintage Bike Swap Saturday November 23 from 8am-4pm FREE for Sellers and Buyers (Plenty of Space) ALL BIKES WELCOME Bring Your Bikes for Show/Trade/Sale! Family Friendly Atmosphere, Please bring Positive Energy Only, Join Us Bike Enthusiasts...
  19. Vin-New

    20" RICKSHAW PEDI-Cab?

    Hello All, 20" Rickshaw Pedicab? Could it be? A Good friend of mine is planning to sell his 20" Rickshaw but is not certain on what it's True Value is. Please advise if you have any info that would be of help, Thank You! -Joey
  20. Vin-New


    Hello All, I know, Late build/idea but got inspired to do my First RRB Build and will be based off this Elgin Ladies Frame Converted into a Cycle Truck. I'm not much of a welder/fabricator but I bought this off a good friend who built it and I had a "RRB Build Flash" for a Muscle Bike and call...