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  1. HuffnPuff

    Skidwell GTS

    Finished my Class 1 build. An Aussie classic refreshed and rideable. Plenty of patina! Stripped down and oxalic acid bath for parts. Period correct chainguard, cranks, headset etc. Relaced Sturmey archer 3spd to Alloy rim with stainless spokes. Alloy from wheel. Modern thumb shifter nodded to...
  2. HuffnPuff

    Threaded BB cup removal?

    I’m renovating an old bike, Speedwell GTS and want to take the good parts from a Speedwll Ladies Sport. The BB is in good condition so want to switch it out. I’ve remove the axle and non drive cup easily, it was well greased. The drive side however is being difficult. It has a notch in the...
  3. HuffnPuff

    BO15 Skidwell GTS

    My Class One entry. I wasn’t going to so I could focus on Class 2, but this is meant to be an assembly project so I can work on something during noise restrictions (ie late at night or during Sunday morning sleep in time) A crusty Speedwell GTS, a bit of a collectors piece locally along with...
  4. HuffnPuff

    BO15 The Kwaka

    After a false start last year..... This frame is going to get a chop or three and hopefully end up with 26” wheels, proper pedals and a motorcycle look
  5. HuffnPuff

    Restarting a build acceptable?

    Last years ambitious build didn’t go any further than tearing down the frame and relacing a wheel. The parts have been gathering dust since last year. Is rebooting this one for this years build off...
  6. HuffnPuff

    Trek Y rescue

    I have a Trek Y-11 from 96. It was my first dually, first carbon bike, first bike that cost way more than one should really spend on a bike. Recently spotted this on the local faceache marketplace for cheap so I had to have it. It had been listed by another seller for a week or so...
  7. HuffnPuff

    Muscle Punk

    My Steam Punk interpretation layered over a Muscle Bike. Unfortunately the weather has prevented the photo shoot so out the front of the garage it is. A basic modern muscle bike/dragster with some bits thrown at it. Budget build with no purchased parts, just some paint. - Removed stickers...
  8. HuffnPuff

    Crikey. The Trike-E

    Finished my Trike. All ready to get the groceries, or take a cooler of drinks to the local car show. Only minor tweaks from which original. Switched saddle, grips, tyres. Painted some artwork on the guards. Rebuilt the cargo basket to a box. Wired in a new battery. Build thread...
  9. HuffnPuff

    Crikey, a Trike-E

    Took a while, but I worked out that this 20” trike was eligible for the WBO. So with a stuttered start... Purchased a while back with the intention of getting it running and potentially using it as a shopping cart. Battery was no good and the front tyre was bald, but otherwise working and in...
  10. HuffnPuff

    Main Force Patrol

    Continuing from my attempted Build Off 14 bikes where I missed the deadline. Class 1: Pursuit model Class 2: Interceptor...
  11. HuffnPuff

    Mounting a fender to a fork suited to larger diameter wheel?

    the bike I had as a kid got a renew a little while ago. During the rebuild I replaced the bent forks, then when I popped the 20” wheel in it appears the forks were for either 24 or 26”. How can I attach a fender to the fork, close to the wheel when the brake hole is too far away? Ideally I’d...
  12. HuffnPuff

    Muscle Punk.

    Over here in Aus muscle bikes are typically known as dragsters, but Drag Punk doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it. I picked up this modern department store Mambo Dragster for cheap a little while ago and now have a plan. Steam Punk styling over the basic bike. Bit of copper tubing, some...
  13. HuffnPuff


    This late swap into class 2. I didn’t really plan on this build, it was a side project. As in life, plans changed and this was the bike I could finish. It isn’t in the league of other custom frame builds but I’m happy thus far with the outcome.
  14. HuffnPuff

    MFP Pursuit - missed the deadline

    I’ll throw this in for Class One. While I’ve got a lot ahead of me in class 2, this should be a fairly quick build and one that doesn’t create much noise - so late nights and early mornings and other times when the house should be quiet can be build time. Here is the donor frame. Same cheap...
  15. HuffnPuff

    The Goose - late swap to the INTERCEPTOR

    My plans to get started went awry today. So far I have a donor and a dream. Based on today’s inspection with a tape measure the donor is going to need some modifying, hence Class 2. If the tear down shows me something different it might end up shunting to Class 1. Anyway, here’s the donor...
  16. HuffnPuff

    Mustang revived.

    Speedwell is an Aussie brand from way back. They are a bit of a classic here. This one I picked up from a local guy along with 5 other vintage bikes. The frame is fairly rusty, it still solid as far as I can tell, just years in the rain I guess. Banana seats aren’t cheap to come by , but...
  17. HuffnPuff

    Stepping back in time

    after a very long time I finally got started reassembling the bike I got when I was 10yo. I sandblasted the frame about 15years ago and bought a new saddle. Built a wheel and fitted some tyres about 6-7 years ago, then finally painted it a few months ago. I rescued it from one of dad’s shed...
  18. HuffnPuff


    I picked up this long black cruiser recently. It was a custom build for a high school students final year project. All powder coated and nice neat welds. It was going cheap as not quite in rideable condition so I snapped it up and plan to put a electric mid drive on it that I’ve been looking...
  19. HuffnPuff

    Building FOR a mountain bike

    After being linked to this video I got inspired. Pallet timber, a few off cuts from around the house, few screws, but of glue and an afternoon of work and ....
  20. HuffnPuff

    Model 78.

    It’s been a great experience joining in for my 1st Build Off. I’m calling this one done (for now). I’ve learnt a lot, and been inspired by, all the other builds on here. Build thread:’s-a-rider.106441/