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  1. Psychographic

    Good luck to everyone!!!

    I hope you all had as much fun as I did participating it RRBO 15. I had a blast (minus a very frustrating last couple of days) building my trike and sharing it with you. I know I didn't post as much as I should have on other peoples builds, but I really enjoyed watching all these creative...
  2. Psychographic

    Cyrus the Virus

    This is my second build off and the second time the weather has screwed me for taking pics. :mad: The bike is named after Cyrus Grissom who was the bad guy in the movie Con Air. It started out as two girl's Schwinn Varsities and a girls Rollfast, along with some various tubing, plate, and...
  3. Psychographic

    TV Alert Tonight

    On METV at 10pm est, is a collector show which according to the commercial is showcasing a bicycle collector.
  4. Psychographic

    Upholstery foam

    Not a how to question, more like a what to and where to. I just ordered some vinyl for my seat. I'm planning a white flake insert and black for the outer edge. Right now the plan is to have the insert done in a tuck and roll style. I need to know what kind of foam and backing I need. I also...
  5. Psychographic

    Hot Stuff.

    The body shop I work part-time at, asked me if I could do real fire. I've done some small pieces before, but this was my first attempt at doing a car. I learned a couple of things not to do the next time, but overall, I'm happy with the results.
  6. Psychographic

    What size rotor?

    The vendor I bought my forks from refuses to answer a simple question, I need to know what size rotor fits. The measurements are not exact, but hopefully someone here will know what size rotor these are designed for. A-1 5/8" B-1" C-2 3/4"
  7. Psychographic

    Single vs. dual cable brake levers

    I'm building a trike and need some advice. The rear wheels are 7"x7" Jr. dragster rims, with Lawn tractor tires, and 120mm scooter brake rotors mounted to the hubs, with Tektro dual pull calipers. There is quite a bit of rolling mass to stop. I don't expect this to be anything more than a slow...
  8. Psychographic

    Probably the fanciest breaker box ever.

    My friend asked me to paint the electrical panel for his house he's redoing. I decided to make a fake power company using his name. It doesn't show in the pics, but the base is white with Ice Pearl which looks like fine metalflake when the light hits it.
  9. Psychographic

    Motorcycle grips

    I'm thinking of trying to use these grips on my trike build. Obviously I don't want a twist grip on the right side. Does anyone know what would be involved in removing the twist part? I'm guessing I would need a bushing of some sort to replace whatever is used for the throttle part of it. Any...
  10. Psychographic

    HB3650TYD-FS controller wiring diagram.

    The title pretty much says it all, I'm looking for a schematic for a HB3650TYD-FS motor controller from a Razor dirt bike.
  11. Psychographic

    Trike drive wheel

    Does it matter which side is the drive wheel?
  12. Psychographic

    BO15 Cyrus the Virus

    I'm going to try to make a trike. The Varsity will be the main part of the frame. This unknown frame will supply the trike part of the build. I'm sure I will need another frame or two to steal some tubing from.
  13. Psychographic

    Mid drive as a jackshaft

    My next project will be a trike and I'm thinking of dipping a toe into the electric pond. I would like to keep the drive somewhat hidden and think behind the seatpost would be a good spot. For what I have planned, I'm pretty sure the BB will need be moved forward and up for the pedals. My...
  14. Psychographic

    1" threaded triple tree head set

    I have a 1" threaded triple tree fork I plan to put on an old Schwinn Varsity. Does it use a special headset or do you use a stock one? If you use a stock one, is it from the bottom up, lower fork clamp, bearing race, bearing, cup, upper cup, bearing, threaded race, locknut, then upper fork...
  15. Psychographic

    chain/cog specs?

    I'm trying to plan a trike build, and I'm collecting information to determine how I want to do things. One of the things I'm uncertain of is the drivetrain. I think I would like to sit as low as possible (I will be using a seat, not a saddle), this would mean moving the chain to the rear axle...
  16. Psychographic

    A few disc brake questions

    I'm planning a future project and have some disc brake questions. Things to consider in my plans, First it's not planned to be more than an occasion rider, basically a fairground queen, or ride around the immediate neighborhood. It will be a trike, each back wheel will weigh between 12-15...
  17. Psychographic

    Chrome moly tube question

    I'm debating between buying a trike or building a trike from a Schwinn 10 speed bike. I bought a set of Jr.dragster rear wheels and am thinking of using lawn tractor tires on them. The hubs for the wheels have a 1 1/4" keyway/clamp setup. I can buy a 5/8" freewheel adapter, and 5/8" x 1 1/4"...
  18. Psychographic

    Top Fool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wanna race?

    This was my first build off. I would like to thank you all for your interest in this build, and most of all, thank you to all who helped with info and encouragement. I doubt if I would have finished without your assistance. The inspiration for this bike was a Top Fuel drag bike. I started with...
  19. Psychographic

    Smallest 20" street tire

    I'm looking for the smallest 20" (ISO 406) tire I can find. The first tire I bought was a 20 x 1 1/8" (451), and it was my fault it didn't fit. I didn't know there could be two different 20" sizes. I just bought a 20 x 1 Vee Tire Co. MK3 BMX which was listed as a 406, of course with my luck it...
  20. Psychographic

    Sunlite Kenda Flame tire question

    I bought a 20 x 3 Kenda Flame tire on ebay. It only has the "Kenda Flame" logo on one side, is this normal? Has anyone removed the logo from one of these tires, it looks like a sticker. I don't want to ruin the tire. I'm tempted to cut a mask of the logo and paint it on the other side.