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  1. SensiB

    SOLD Elgin curved bar frame

    I'll be next in line. thanks
  2. SensiB

    80's Schwinn Cruiser and King Sting

    Just finished reviving my cruiser that i've had since i was in elementary school. i also wanted to add my king sting that i finished a year ago.
  3. SensiB

    Dreams Do Come True

    I'd always wanted a GT Performer as a kid, but i couldn't afford it. My dream finally came true, only 27 yrs later for $50. i also found this a week before on a trash pile in an alley.
  4. SensiB

    Who will i see at the ann arbor bike show?

    I'll be there, hope to bump into some of you. I'm new to this bike disease and love to gain some knowledge from you all.
  5. SensiB

    Questions about Columbia bike

    Hi Everyone, Can you tell me what year this bike is and what i should sell it for? It is all original, Columbia Super III, in great shape, old 3spd sturmey grip shifter, and old bridgestone skinny whitewalls. Thanks for the help.
  6. SensiB

    Corvette Klunker

    Schwinn Corvette with mavic rims and forte disc brakes, 70's schwinn road bike seat and rat traps, 90's schwinn bmx cranks, neck, and handlebars. Eventually, i want to put on some three piece cranks and some bear traps, but for now this will do. Oh yeah, I also converted the rear hub to a single...
  7. SensiB

    Lots of registered members, but how many active members?

    Always looking, but finally posted some pixs.
  8. SensiB

    Finally some pix

    I finally figured out this photobucket stuff and took some pictures. Hopefully, the sun will start shining and I can get some better shots. see ya
  9. SensiB

    Two wheel crazy

    I recently acquired two lots of old bikes over the summer, so now my garage, basement, and part of my backyard is filled with an assortment of bikes. I started cleaning them up and getting them back on the road for people in my community to ride. My current project is an original Schwinn Klunker...