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  1. beernpickin


    alright guys I hope I will not be exiled to lay it low but I am building a lowrider. I have wanted a true custom lowrider for a while now with rr attitude. Here is the build up. This is the donor frame. then I welded in the tank panels. skim coat of bondo and lots of sanding. Finally...
  2. beernpickin

    Bean burrito Done!!!!

    Finished and striped!
  3. beernpickin

    Bike safety video

    Watch and learn folks. Pretty cool bikes in here as well.
  4. beernpickin

    I thought I loved beer

    I saw this story on the news this morning. Man what a great idea. ... asket.html
  5. beernpickin

    indicator rod

    I just stopped by my local "connection" for a fork and frame I picked up a girls schwinn and a couple of forks. as I was walking out of the garage I noticed a cubby hole with a bunch of hubs inside. I asked if I could dig through and he said sure. I found a sturmey archer aw, and a shimano...
  6. beernpickin

    Craigslist freebie

    Hey I only had to drive 10 miles for this one. The price was right. Nothin special.
  7. beernpickin

    Bean Burrito (updated pics 5-12-08)

    Alright guys I know I only have a couple of weeks but I love a challenge. This is a local dumpster find that caught my eye mainly for parts but I was in the lab last night and It was screaming mini burrito. I will dub this Bean Burrito.
  8. beernpickin

    In the works

    Here is another bike I am building. It is a murray monterrey I stole from my wife and flipped the bottom bar to the top and made other modifications ,the flip gave it some rake without lowering the front too much but stretched it out some. The middle bar is a handlebar from a donor mtb.
  9. beernpickin

    My rides

    here are my bikes. The first is a Schwinn Suburban I got for 10 bucks at a local thrift.[/img]this is a chrome frame i bought from Bicycle exchange about 2 years ago and have been building it up with parts since.[/img]and this is my chopper i stretched 10 inches and extended forks I beleve it...
  10. beernpickin

    Dallas area ride

    Thanks alot guys for the warm welcome into the forum. I have noticed there are quite a few guys and gals in the dallas area. Does anyone know of a orginized ride besides critical mass that goes on on a weekly or monthly basis that does not require me to wear spandex and keep up with a 50 mph...
  11. beernpickin

    schwinn kickstand

    Ok I stared at the kickstand on my Schwinn suburban and after a couple of bevrages I gave up. How do I get this thing off without using fire, it appears to be pined in place.
  12. beernpickin

    New guy from Dallas area

    Hey guys and gouls, New to the forum and just wanted to say Howdy from Dallas tx. I have ben building for a couple of years I currently have a chopper, cruiser, and recently built a stretch boardtrack frankenbike. My newest investment is a 70's Schwinn suburban I will possibly turn into a...