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  1. ratrodlover93

    i picked ths up from a friend

    heres a chopper that i bought from a friend, he made this sweet lookin custom chopper
  2. ratrodlover93


    i have this redline frame from the 70s not sure exact yeat, had a license sticker from 77-78. but im making it matte black with anadized gree rims and cranks heres some pics rims are some bmx race hoops, with redline and bombshell hubs cranks are super maxy
  3. ratrodlover93


    ok so i thnk its time to get a bigger room, i oly have 1/5 of my bikie stuff in my room in i cnt put eny more in here some pics of my room the last pic is one of the many drawlings on my m\wall
  4. ratrodlover93

    backyard chopper

    heres some pics of a chopper i made from a girls univega, i had some problems with the forks, didnt weld the with enough heat and the snaped firsts atempt of riding me welding, im only 15 and ive been welding fer 2 years almost done got to test it
  5. ratrodlover93

    wats up

    wats up, im levi im frm nebraska. im only 15, ive been into bikes since i could walk. ive got a good size colection of bikes, inculding my choppers and lowrider. other than tht bikes are mostly my life
  6. ratrodlover93

    odd ball

    heres some pics of my creation when i first created it made some changes looking a matching rim to the front one ive done some more to it since theses pics wer taken