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  1. Mr_Nutter

    Mismatched Wheel or Tire Sizes

    Pretty much Shouldn't fit but Heck I made it fit! :P
  2. Mr_Nutter

    Classic 3 Speeds

    Ol' Faithful Raleigh Scorpio. Converted from 5speed roadie to Sturmey archer 3speed on 26 classic rims. rear hub needs attention but should be swapping internals soon and getting this one back working again at some point!
  3. Mr_Nutter

    Long term Lurker - Joined at last!

    Thank you @deorman :thumbsup:
  4. Mr_Nutter

    Schwinn bikes ( post pics here )

    How I acquired my steel single speed poorly painted black Schwinn Stripped back the the black Then started tinkering with it caught the Kustom bug and went rather wild..... Stayed like that for a while and then wanted a further back seating position so decided I'd have a go at making my own...
  5. Mr_Nutter

    Long term Lurker - Joined at last!

    Howdy Folks, Thought it was about time I joined the forum, I've taken to looking at stuff on here for ages and finally decided it's high time I gave a little of my stuff to the pot of madness. So, Based in the UK bike central (Cambridge). I've had my fair share of bikes from vintage...