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  1. 2088bob

    1" threaded MTB fork with canti mts

    I am in Canada am looking for a 26"mtb 1"threaded and canti mounts got to be straight and no bitched threads color does not matter chrome would be nice just need it it finish off a bike i am going to donate to a charity let me know what you have and what you need to have for it
  2. 2088bob

    1" threaded fork cruiser style with disc tabs

    like the title says i am still looking will take chrome or painted the one cruiser bike shop that sold them no longer have stock
  3. 2088bob

    reusing spokes

    question can spokes be reused please listen to my plan first going from a small flange hub to a very large flange so i will be cutting the old existing threads of the spokes and rolling new threads on the spokes with the housan machine i despoked the wheel today polished all the spokes...
  4. 2088bob

    wald 803 bl bars

    would also like to get my hands on a least 2 pairs of wald 803bl so 5" rise 27' wide they are sold out everywhere and the places that have stock want absolutely stupid money for them
  5. 2088bob

    1" threaded cruiser fork with disc brake tab

    like title says looking to score 26" capable cruiser style fork with a disc brake tab will take chrome or black one of the cruiser bike parts website lists them but they have no stock on 3/4s of the stuff listed on their site .................very frustrating they should take their site...
  6. 2088bob

    1"threaded disc brake fork

    i am looking for a 1" threaded fork cruiser style chrome or painted with disc brake tabs failing that i know at one time there were kits available to convert a 1" threaded frame to use a 1 1/8 thread less fork bearings and cups were the most important part of the kit would like to...
  7. 2088bob

    bicycle repair stand

    does anybody have a bicycle repair stand for sale preferably in canada but will take what i can get would like something a little more heavy duty i use western union for payment
  8. 2088bob

    shipping bikes germany to canada

    i am wondering if anyone might be able to provide some input the rough approximate cost of shipping a bicycle from germany to canada perhaps using DHL or something like that maybe some of the euro members might be able to chime in here
  9. 2088bob

    2088bob these are some of my other toys

    these are some of my toys have not driven any of these for almost 2 years now since my bicycle accident these are what is driving me to regain use of my legs and to walk and to be able to make use of them the 94 bronco was converted to 2wd boxed frame 512cu in fuel injected big block...
  10. 2088bob

    sram I-Motion3 small parts

    i have brand new sram i motion 3 not to worry this is the one without the coaster brake so no safety issues on the sprocket side of the hub i require the small black arm that the shifter cable clips on to and the black washer that goes with that arm thanks in advance
  11. 2088bob

    hello and my 2 latest dumpster dive finds

    i have not introduced myself here yet so i will do it this way
  12. 2088bob

    sram I - Motion 3 parts

    i have a brand new sram i-motion 3 hub when i bought it i was not paying attention and got taken by the seller my fault should have been more alert i need basically all the bits and pieces on the sprocket side the most important being the small arm that the shifter cable anchors to...