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  1. Flying Zombie

    SOLD Pair of 1938s

    COLSON CWC Plenty more pictures. Can also take additional. PM Only with Interest. Thank you. Erin
  2. Flying Zombie

    Eliminator Mark 2 Frame

    Preferably not repainted or too crusty. Thanks!
  3. Flying Zombie

    Screamer 16" front fender

    Specific in that it has a little oval cutout in the middle top of the fender where the Springer slightly dips into the fender while in action. Seeking condition 7+/10 Thanks! Erin
  4. Flying Zombie

    Sears Screamer 16" Springer fork

    I already have one in usable but rougher shape. Ideally I'm seeking nicer shape at least in the chrome. Preferably complete but willing to see anything. Thanks. Erin
  5. Flying Zombie

    Butterfly Screamer Bars

    Preferably crusty and not minty but willing to look at anything. Erin
  6. Flying Zombie

    Butterfly Bars (Sears Screamer)

    What do crusty ones typically go for? I dont want a show piece and I dont really know the market for these. Usable, but with some rusty edge. Erin
  7. Flying Zombie

    White letter tires for 26/24" custom

    So from the vets here who know their tire combos and customs., I'm looking for tires for a 24" wheel and 26" wheel. The specifics are these: All black, preferably brick tread or slick or something else low tread cruiser style. The tire in back fatter and the front tire skinnier for that Drag...
  8. Flying Zombie

    What about YELLOW bikes?!

    Lots to be said for bike colours here dominating the posting opportunities! How about those lesser seen YELLOW bikes?! 1938 Original Paint Yellow one year only Screw Tank model Colson. Erin
  9. Flying Zombie

    Original Schwinn Banners

    These Banners are the real deal. They all measure 40" Long by 13-1/2" Wide. They're every bit as pristine and colorful as they look here. 125$ Each plus shipping. Buy one, two or all three. May be willing to work something out on price for all three together. Please message me Directly...
  10. Flying Zombie

    Prewar Saddle Spring Rebuild

    Today's project. I wanted to rebuild these saddle springs since I first saw this bike, and I think a little bit of me bought it so I could sleep at night knowing it was fixed.. as I think all of us do in one way or another with the bikes that catch us. I bought a few things for this bike well...
  11. Flying Zombie

    The next major buildoff?

    So we're almost wrapped up with one buildoff, when's the next one start and whatll it be? Looking to participate for the first time, and naturally in a pre 1960s event Custom/Original categories FZ
  12. Flying Zombie

    Someone in CT to Ship Bike to WIS.

    I've got a friend with a couple of my bikes up in CT ready to hand them off to someone I can have ship them to me in Wisconsin. No bull, all paid for and ready to go, just need someone to ship them as he hasnt the time with busy schedule. I'll cover the shipping cost obviously once I know...
  13. Flying Zombie

    A GO TO Seller and all round Great member.

    I picked up a 1940/'41 Murray Elgin frame from @kirkpatrick and cant say enough good about the exchange. A long time mutual of his on RatRodBikes and knowing some of his businesssher ein passing years, I've never had the opportunity but it's all been positive news. This is no different. 100%...
  14. Flying Zombie

    A few Classic Ladies

    1950 JC Higgins Airflow SOLD 1948 Hawthorne DeLuxe $300 obo 1953 Schwinn Hornet SOLD All skiptooth Prefer not to ship but may under the right circumstances. Willing to drive within reason or meet half way. I'm in Green Bay, WI
  15. Flying Zombie

    SOLD '39 Elgin Twin Bar Normally I post a full fledged ad here specifically, but I'm on time crunches and minutes count right now. It's on the Cabe and explained piece by piece with FULL pictorial in vast detail. Any questions, interest.. comments.. feel...
  16. Flying Zombie

    Little hard to tell at first but..

    Its a 1958 Maroon, Gold and Chrome X53 Western Flyer Super. Another bike off the bucket list. This first photo was the Ad photo by the seller. It had sat outside for a few years after a hoarder gained other projects and put this and many others on a back burner. The story is as follows...
  17. Flying Zombie

    Tetanus Shot Tuesday

    Piggybacking both the idea for themed post days like Macro Monday as well as the OBC Facebook pages new themed day, Tetanus Tuesday, posting your CRUSTIEST and RUSTIEST bikes and parts. Let's see em! FZ
  18. Flying Zombie

    Cross Brace Bars!!

    And what's attached to them! (Both Bike and Accessories!) :bigboss:
  19. Flying Zombie

    Could be a ...?

    Hey Fellas! I made a pretty decent pick-up recently for a Zenith Badged Prewar, however WITH that one, came a pretty neat 20" 50's Schwinn wearing a Monark Deluxe guard a GEM of a Prewar 20" Skiptooth that I have almost absolute certainty is a Cleveland Welding, according to not only Daniel...
  20. Flying Zombie

    '69 Sears [And Roebucks] Spyder 24" 5-Speed

    I posted some about this on Facebook already but I always love posting the newbies to my stock in here,. especially beings I just made a comeback after nearly a year out of the game to get some other corners of life put together. Not a bad way to pick back up, if I do say so myself. [Though I...