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  1. deorman

    Blast from the (RRB) past :bigboss:
  2. deorman

    Went to a nearby (motor) bikes and breakfast meet today.

    Nice day. Anything from old time sidehacks to a foreign market Aprilia. My favorite of the day:
  3. deorman

    Rusted chain salvage.

    How does the vinegar treatment do on chains? I've got some crusty 1" pitch Worth it? Other suggestions?
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    Looks pretty accurate
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    Old how to threads?

    I was going to refer someone to one of the how to stickies, looks like they're gone. :confused:
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    Home page

    If you haven't checked it out lately, do yourself a favor and DO IT NOW! :comando:
  8. deorman

    Spring routine.

    Beautiful spring day, so I dragged out a coaster, cleaned off the dust, lubed the chain, aired up the tires and checked for cracks. Hopped on and took a ride around the block, did some tight turns and hard braking, all systems go.:) Went back to the house and sat on the stoop for a couple of...
  9. deorman

    From the Tube:

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    Almost here.

  11. deorman

    Bye little buddy

    Without going into the gory details, just had to put down my sweet little dog. Cried like a baby.:(
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    Photobucket took it's toll on the how-to section, just added this link to fill some of the holes.
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    Hub info.

    Photobucket's change has killed a lot of the how-to section, this may help some.
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    Deorman's gallery

    Ol' droppy: Variations of Huffy "Good Vibrations" based heap.
  15. deorman

    RIP Chuck Berry

    We just lost this guy.
  16. deorman

    Let there be light.

    Friday afternoon did a minor bracket mod so I could fit OEM auxiliary lights with the aftermarket windscreen on my Shadow. Room mate came out and sapped a couple of pics as I was finishing up a little after dark. Snugging up my ground connection.
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    What ever man.

    Racing and/or old timey theme bikes are awesome. I didn't build one. Working rusty crusty derelicts are cool. I didn't do that. Bomber/"Klunker" type bikes, basic or loaded with hi-tech state of the art parts rule. I didn't make one. Gadgets and odd-ball out-of-the-box controls are the bomb. I...
  19. deorman

    In memory

    Of those lost in war, and all who served.