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  1. Oak Tree

    Oh Chrome, where art thou?

    Spent a little time doing this today
  2. Oak Tree

    Mutant Fork

    Just acquired such an animal cuz it’s a straight bmx fork for some future build. Seems it needs a 1 3/8” bottom bearing in the headset and a 1 1/8” top bearing?? Does anyone have advice on what headset (with cups) that I will need to buy? Maybe provide a suggested product or link? I’m planning...
  3. Oak Tree

    Latest build

    Frame: 1950 CWC with custom rear brake mount Fork: cheapee Seatpost: custom to fit the frame Grips: Finish Lines Chain: KNC Wheels: SE Freewheel: Origin 8 Tires: Kenda Suns Stem: SE Narler Bars: SE Brakes: DiaComp Seat clamp: Porkchop Chain tensioners: Porkchop Sprocket/Spider: Chopsaw/Porkchop
  4. Oak Tree

    Jamis Boss

    Picked this up from fellow rat rod member oddrodal today. Does anyone know how to tell the year model?
  5. Oak Tree

    83 Huffy Pro Thunder

    Got it new back in 1983. It was blue and yellow back then with the standard yellow plastic mags. Now it’s got Lesters and new colors.
  6. Oak Tree

    Coast to Coast Colson

  7. Oak Tree

    Off a scrap trailer

    Can anyone tell me who made this frame and what year?
  8. Oak Tree


    Ready to ride. I have ridden this bike up to 10 miles with no issues. Ugly but quality. All original including the tires. Hung in a barn for a decade or two. Please don't make me ship this. $80 plus shipping. Or make me an offer. Thanks
  9. Oak Tree


    im probably gonna be needing this rack in the future but it's gotta go now. It's got a small rust hole as seen in the pic. The holes that connect under the seat are both good. the holes on the struts have been broken off. One strut has a hole drilled thru. You could do that or replace struts...
  10. Oak Tree

    Sturmey Archer hubs

    One 28 hole and one 36 hole. I have not opened these up. They will need work but appear to be solid. $30 each shipped.
  11. Oak Tree

    Chain guard thing

    looks like it's off of something with a motor. Looks industrial, or motor bike. Make it yours for $20 plus shipping and modify to fit.
  12. Oak Tree

    Columbia middleweight

    Solid build start for someone else. The tank has the light switch and wires coming out. With red band bendix rear hub. For $100 plus shipping it's yours. Pm me if you are interested.
  13. Oak Tree

    Rusty Gold

    . Buddy of mine pulled these off of a scrapers trailer More rusty gold!!!! Can you spot the 7 jewels in the bunch?
  14. Oak Tree

    Baby's got a new pair of shoes

  15. Oak Tree


    May 1979 Looks all original down to the tires. Maybe only missing rear reflector and kickstand??
  16. Oak Tree

    Major find!!

    Stumbled on an awesome pick today. 2 pickup loads of stuff -more still there- this was only bike related item.
  17. Oak Tree

    Park tools

    On permanent loan from a non-bike-loving friend
  18. Oak Tree

    Schwinn canti BMX

    I'm cleaning up my childhood bike that I turned BMX back in the day. Startn with the heavy duty Kinlin rims with 12g spokes
  19. Oak Tree

    Red Mags

    Found these in the loft of a barn that I had looked in at least 5 times. Guess it took the fifth time to see em. Rear hub is bendix 76, but I can't find any other markings. Haven't cleaned them up yet though. Any ideas on who made em?
  20. Oak Tree

    Bicycles are fun

    My wife bought me this the other day. First page. Notice the 1984 copyright and the disclaimer.