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  1. Agent Dan

    Bob Ross Little Happy Muscle Bike

    Hey.... =] Before During After Went through fast.. It's cozy though
  2. Agent Dan

    Bob Ross Little Happy Muscle Bike

    So the Dingo and I are gonna Team build a Ross Barracuda He has a the frame sitting around somewhere in his basement Were still thinking of a name, we'll get to details about it Look down for the pic, dingos posting
  3. Agent Dan

    My bike

    Just bought from the Dingo. Gonna clean the whitewalls, and might put the back fender on it. [/img]
  4. Agent Dan

    Hellooooo from nowhere!! ((Michigan))

    Heidy ho neighbors! My name is Dan, but you can call me Dan for short. I am 15, also an ally of The Flying Dingo =p. I like to ride bikes, and Dingo made me join because I just bought a bike from him =]. Soon to post it! Greetings to you all, and hope to meet new people.