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    Chip Foose bikes

    They are nice, but probably way to expensive.
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    Finding stuff while riding

    I find lots of beer cans.
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    "1941" Colson (The Bullnose)

    Very Nice, one of a kind.
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    I ordered a hat today. Thank you for getting some lighter colored gear, something I can ride a night with.
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    what kind of paint does electra use?

    Had an old Raleigh I'm redoing for my mom that was the same way, good paint
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Reduced now!!!
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    First Ride in 50+ years: 2020 Update

    Always a pleasure to read. Keep posting.
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    Do not think this is really vintage.
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    1939 Girls Elgin UPDATED ITS DONE Bicycle Restoration..

    Anyone have measurement on the integrated kickstand that is mounted to this bike? I will be making my own until I can find one at a reasonable price. I need the Width and then the overall length from end to end. Thanks.
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    From Boneshaker to BMX: 150 years of the bicycle

    That was interesting to read.
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    Which Brooks saddle?

    Love my B135, would love to try the B190 too.
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    Helmets Helmets Helmets

    I wear a skateboard helmet when every I ride with my son(cruising or exercising), but don't usually where one otherwise.
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    show your bike trailer! and how you hook it up to your bike!

    Nice bicycle trailer model. :grin:
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    New Hobby (New Addition)

    Any new pics, projects? Bump
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    Have you met other RRBers?

    I met RatRod at the swap in Garland a couple years ago.
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    First Ride in 50+ years: 2020 Update

    Thanks full to be in Texas, on 15 degrees this morning. Could not image the negative #
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    LocoJoe's Recent Rides

    I just finished reading all 38 pages today (started last Friday at work, we were really slow). I wish we had trails like you do, I am envious. Please keep the photos coming.
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    NFL Newbie from Oz?

    Your half right Slowriderz, The Dallas Cowboys and the Texas A&M Aggies. :D
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    Folding bikes

    [Did you get this at Canton in Nov. of this year?]