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  1. JRobert

    Any TOC experts on here? Need some bottom bracket help.

    My late 1890’s Victor has a really weird sized BB shell. It’s 44mm OD x 40mm ID x 70mm wide making standard 51mm bottom brackets bot an option. Any help with what type, brand, manufacture of bottom bracket i should be searching for? Currently has a 1900s Eagle crankset that is so nice but the...
  2. JRobert

    Block Chain or 1" Skiptooth

    Just picked up a bike that has a crainkset from a very early 1900's Eagle. Hoping someone on here has a Block Chain or a 1" skiptooth that they are willing to sell. Thanks!
  3. JRobert

    How to treat or remove RUST

    Hey everyone, Looking for some advice on my TOC restoration. It's been repainted, so I'm carefully stripping down to the original paint with denatured and 0000 steel wool. Only problem is the original black paint has some bigger spots where it's showing bare metal and rust. Non drive side...
  4. JRobert

    1890's Overman Victor Flyer

    I finally got my Victor last night! Still trying to identify the year and confirm if this is a "Flyer". From what I can tell from research, this is a mid 1890's bike with crank assembly from an early 1900's Eagle. The Spoon brake, bar, stem and seat are original and I believe wheels are as well...
  5. JRobert

    1896 Overman Victor Flyer

    Hey everyone, Any ballpark value on this bike? Needs a chain and a little bit of work but want to understand what I have here. Seems pretty rare. thanks!
  6. JRobert

    Retro Ratpacker A.K.A. “The Pickle” is complete!

    I set out with high expectations to recreate a retro steel Gary Fisher I had back in the day. My hope was a 26” trail worthy bike that I could ride New England dirt roads, light trails and do some overnight distance riding. I wanted to ditch the suspension and add a rigid fork with the barnacles...
  7. JRobert

    Paint advice

    So a few people have mentioned and their paint seems to be the way to go. Only dilemma is that the Rona has clearly put a hurt on their production. Most of the good colors and most important, their primer is sold out. Question 1. Any suggestions (aside from good ol Krylon) on other...
  8. JRobert

    Trying to ID this roadster

    Bought this bike locally for $75. I thought it was a good buy but can’t determine what the heck it is. Rod brakes are set up euro so I thought it may have more value. No marks on the frame, no head badge and no stamped serial number. Pin striping appears to be hand painted and wondering if maybe...
  9. JRobert

    BO15 Retro Mullet Ratpacker - 90’s steel MTB // 2X9 // disc conversion // mullet bike

    Back in 1995 I had a steel Gary Fisher Cronus. One of the best hard tails I’ve ever owned and regret selling it. I recently started looking for one but those old steel GFs are hard to find. Ended up settling for a HooKooEKoo from 1997. Not the triple butted true temper steel, but double butted...
  10. JRobert

    New and in search of a good rat rod project

    New to this site and new to vintage bikes. Definitely not new to bikes though. Worked in a shop as a mechanic for 10 years and an avid mtb and road rider. Looking for a fun klunker project to go along with the retro steel bikepacker mtb I’m building. Missed out this morning on a FREE retro...