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    What exactly do I have here?

    I’m usually pretty good ID’ing these things, but this one is a little different. My brother bought some property and we found this in the woods. The chainring kinda looks Columbia, but the frame kinda looks Murray-ish. It is a skiptooth bike with rear facing prewar style dropouts, but no...
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    I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped, but I got it out together, it’s rideable, and it looks pretty cool. This was a 70’s Columbia-built Rollfast Paperboy Special. The frame resembles the Schwinn Fastback, hence the name.
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    I’m trying to decide what direction I want to go on this, but I’m definitely in! Trying to choose between entering 26” builds using these frames: Or using one of these for a 20” build: (And yes, those 2 clapped out twin Eliminators are 2 different bikes)
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    JC Penney Foremost Swinger

    This is the only bike I have that I did not build myself, although I did add the redlines to it. I bought it like this, and it’s kind of a cross between a muscle bike and a low rider. I guess the Swinger name matches! My initial plan was to change out all the low rider stuff to period correct...
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    AMF 26” 3 speed Muscle Bike Build

    First and foremost, I fully blame CRASH for all these muscle bike builds! :) I’ve been collecting parts for this bike for a little bit, and since I’m hoping to be finished with my daughter’s bike this weekend (and possibly the Ted Williams bike too, if my chainguard comes back from my...
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    1966 24” Otasco Flying-O muscle bike build

    So, I’ve changed course and decided against building my daughter a purple muscle bike using my 20” Sears Ted Williams bicentennial bike. Ted is going to get a refresh and keep the patriotic red, white, blue scheme. I waffled back and forth initially on this bike and that one, but I think she’ll...
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    Western Flyer Buzz Bike Eliminator

    I picked up this crusty Eliminator today. It’s rough, but the frame seems solid and I believe the chainguard will clean up pretty nice.
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    First score from the Covidpocolypse Bike boom!

    So I ran into a guy I know today and he asks me if I still fool with bikes. I, of course, replied to him “Do billy goats have horns??” He asked “Y’on’t a nuther’n??!” I asked what it was and he said it was a practically brand new Schwinn Sanctuary 7. I wasn’t familiar so he told me it was a 7...
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    When you’re the bike guy in town..,

    You come home to presents occasionally! I have no idea who brought it by.
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    Foremost, Hiawatha GTO, Vista, Rixe score!

    I picked up 4 more bikes today. I got a Murray-built Foremost Swinger that is a super clean bike that somebody added custom rims, bars, and lowrider fork on, a Huffy built Hiawatha GTO Warrior, a Columbia built Vista Workhorse, and men’s 3 speed Rixe that matches the ladies Rixe I picked a few...
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    Jerald whitewall 26” slick

    I’d like to buy a Jerald whitewall slick, if anybody has one for sale.
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    Ted Williams muscle bike build

    I’m almost finished with my son’s Stranger Things Mike’s bike build, so now I have to build my daughter one. She wants a “Mike’s bike, except purple” I’m starting with a crusty Murray built Ted Williams, which is pretty much the same as a Sears Spyder Of the same era. I’m not planning on an...
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    Bulk chain numbers?

    I need to put chains on several bikes and I’d like a box a of chain. What series chain (or what number) do single speed cruiser type bikes use? I don’t need need skiptooth, just regular 50’s - current single speed chain.
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    ‘72 Rollfast beater - watching paint dry build!

    So I painted the frame for my son’s 26” Stranger Things build, and since it’s so humid, I’m going to wait several more hours before fooling with it. In the meantime, I was fooling around with a super secret squirrel build I haven’t made a thread about yet, and in doing mockups, I had a couple...
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    The StRATo Flyer is done!

    I’m calling her done! I was going to try a tank idea, but I’m leaving it as is. I’m happy with the way it turned out, and happy to fully complete my first RRBBO bike. I’ve entered before, but never finished So here she is! Additional pics:
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    26” “Stranger Things” Mike’s bike build

    My son’s favorite show is Stranger Things, and he’s been bugging the crap out of me about building him “Mike’s bike” - who of course is one of the characters in the show. Schwinn made a Special Edition version of it in the 20”, but my son is a 5’ 7” tall 13 (just turned 13 too) and if he’s like...
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    1958 Columbia Speedliner

    Of all the old rusty bikes I got in my latest score, this one speaks to me. I’m not usually a middleweight fan, but this bike has details from multiple eras. These came out in ‘54, so they came out at the tail end of the height of balloon tire era and very early in the middleweight era. The...
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    Does anybody know what this is?

    The Headbadge says it was made in W Germany, but I cannot find any brand name on it. It has a cool lugged frame, Weinmann brakes, Sturmey-Archer 3 speed.
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    1937 Rollfast Fastback Strandie?

    I bought these 26 X 2.8” Deli’s for another frame, but I’m liking them on this Rollfast! The bars are set of Huffy 20” Mid ride mini apes that I welded a crossbar in. This frame actually has tons of clearance these big tires. The tires are mounted on Schwinn aluminum wheels. I of course need a...
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    Schwinn World and Rixe road bikes value

    I bought 29 bikes from a guy that had been collecting them for a long time, and I ended up with both of these. Both pedal and shift great, and will clean up very nice. The Schwinn is a 10 speed, the Rixe is a 3 speed. Road bikes aren’t my thing, so I’d like to move them to somebody who likes...