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  1. The Renaissance Man

    May the fourth be with you.

  2. The Renaissance Man

    RatRod skateboard!

    Here's a little side project that I put together for fun! Tried to use some typical rat rod elements like rusty saw blades, pinstripes and wide whites/red rims/moon discs. And of course, slammed to the ground! I call it 'Dark Side Down'.
  3. The Renaissance Man

    Shelby Airflow/Arrow rack

  4. The Renaissance Man

    Would you build a rat bike with this?

    How cool would it be to build a rat bike out of a Shelby Airflow!?! Considering that the price for a complete bike like the one above can be in the same price range with Elgin Bluebirds it's not likely anyone would build a ratrodbike with one. But... If you had a reproduction tank that you only...
  5. The Renaissance Man

    1940's Westfield Columbia

    Just got this yesterday, haven't checked the serial number yet. It'll be up for sale soon. Someone got creative with the custom paint scheme!:bigsmile:
  6. The Renaissance Man


    Picked up this Schwinn Aerovane yesterday just for the tires! Here's what I was after! The only way to get these tires is to find the bikes (as far as I know). Was told that it had only been riden two times and I can believe it. Looks brand new and stored inside. Evidence that it has not...
  7. The Renaissance Man

    Shelby Hiawatha Arrow 'Regrestoration'

    This is a collaboration project between myself and Brant Mackley in New Mexico. Brant pieced together all of the parts necessary to build a 1938 Hiawatha Arrow and passed off all of the painted parts to me to do what I call a 'regrestoration' on them. Afterwards, they will be shipped back to him...
  8. The Renaissance Man

    UnFair Lady

    Girls just want to have fun. :) Here's the innocent starting point. And yes it is rideable.* *Disclaimer: This is the worst handling bike I've ever built.:21:
  9. The Renaissance Man

    Happy New Year RatRodBikers!

    Looking forward to another year and starting a new decade of bike building! Thanks to everyone here for making it fun!
  10. The Renaissance Man

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  11. The Renaissance Man

    Black Friday Sale! Extended to January 1st!

    TRM Mullet Fenders! Patterned after the very desirable Elgin Bluebird fenders, the fiberglass TRM Mullet Fenders can be used on custom builds or replacements for Bluebird or Skylark bicycles. As seen on TV! The ultimate tail dragger fender!
  12. The Renaissance Man

    Western Flyer Super

    Super Ratty.
  13. The Renaissance Man

    SOLD 1935 Wards Hawthorne Silver King (Window Frame)

    1935 Silver King $1275 delivered to your door (CONUS). Mostly complete bike, just missing the battery tube. I have just finished completely tearing this bike down, cleaning, polishing and rebuilding it from top to bottom. There are no signs of any cracks in the frame whatsoever. The stainless...
  14. The Renaissance Man

    1935 Wards Hawthorne Silver King

    I bought this four weeks ago at the Barber Vintage Weekend swap meet. I've been meaning to get a build thread going for it but just needed a break from 'build posting' after the summer build off. I did take some pictures along the way and will try to post some over the next several days. I...
  15. The Renaissance Man

    Double Butted Spokes 9 7/8"

    Looking for three double butted steel spokes 9 7/16 (240mm) long. Surface rust is ok. Rebuilding a 24" wheel set. I would prefer to use the original spokes but two were broken. Just need two but three would give me a spare. Thanks!
  16. The Renaissance Man

    Automotive Paint without a gun or compressor

    Let's face it, even the best rattle can paint comes no where close to actual automotive paint in terms of durability and color options. But without some equipment for spraying it, we're left with few choices. Not too long ago I had a project painting the ARMY roundel insignias on a Vietnam era...
  17. The Renaissance Man

    SOLD Thinking WBO/MBBO? You need this!

    20"or 24" Murray ratty trap springer fork $75 shipped (CONUS). Comes with a free BMX plastic fender!:)
  18. The Renaissance Man

    Post Your Final Thoughts

    Congrats to everyone that finished and thanks to everyone that participated for making it entertaining! Thanks to @Rat Rod for making it possible! We have a week to get the votes in and I plan to take plenty of time to carefully check out every bike before casting mine. It's so hard during the...
  19. The Renaissance Man

    BLACKBIRD (Skylark TRM Convertible)

    1936 Elgin Blackbird see the build thread HERE. - starting point - - details - - the process - the frame was in serious need of alignment. built a jig and worked everything back to straight No fenders came with the bike so I made a rear fender out of fiberglass...