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  1. sandman

    Bikee Bike

    I'm keeping my eye on this startup E-bike motor kit ? I might even preorder ?
  2. sandman


    A 2 week build for one of the grandkids . 48'MONARK with a Nexus 3 . Build Thread
  3. sandman

    Daytona Bike Week
  4. sandman

    Giant Stiletto
  5. sandman


    Father/son project. Building a 1948/49? Monark klunker for girlfriends son. This will be two week build while son is visiting from Pennsylvania. Today OA Bath. Let the journey begin.
  6. sandman

    MONARK 24"

    Picked up this 24" Monark for another small Klunker bike . I've have a few 24" parts I need to do something with and a small rat Klunker should be fun .
  7. sandman

    Schwinn Tandem

    I could pick this Tandem cheap . I would part it out if the rims or other parts are worth saving . Opinions ? What year would guess it is ? This is the only pic.
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    Looks fun to me ?
  9. sandman

    Harley E bike

    Pre orders being taken for the Harley E Bike ?
  10. sandman


    How fat of a tire would fit this one ?
  11. sandman

    Cool little Scoot
  12. sandman

    Haro Shift

    Anybody know anything about these ?
  13. sandman

    Cargo Bike
  14. sandman


    Most of you have heard of the famous Rollfast Hoppy of the 50's ? But how did the kids play Cowboy and Indian's with no Indian . So my plan is to take this 1936 Rollfast and build a MB playmate to match .
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  16. sandman

    It sure is quit around here ?

    Bike build off hangover .
  17. sandman

    20 inch drop stand

    ISO a drop stand for a 20 inch kids bike ?
  18. sandman

    After Victory

    I kind of boxed myself in this year . Selecting a G519 replica doesn't leave you much room to be creative , but I'm glad I can add this to my collection . Once again , I'm blown away at cool creations this year . Thanks for keeping Covid blues at bay . Build Thread ...
  19. sandman

    Old 20 inch

    Picked up this old 20 inch anticipating the next muscle BO ? Still trying to ID the frame and seat . The nana seat has a spring frame and the rear US Royal tire is still in very good shape . The closet frame I found to compare was a 38 CWC . ( Roadmaster ) but the bike was advertised as a Shelby ?
  20. sandman


    What camera's or gadgets are you using for best results for bike pics . I think the next tool I'm going to invest in is some type of bridge camera , my cell phone just ain't cutting it anymore . Just wondering if any one is benefiting from tripods , light stands or other photography gadgets ...