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  1. johnp.smith


    Today, I had a wild thought to use the seat off my other Easy Racer for a photo shoot. Its only on there temporarily. As you know my custom seat was a fail and the person who I was going to get a custom fairing from to resemble a bubble top has been out of contact. I do not know if either lost...
  2. johnp.smith

    Muscle bike build off

    Just curious, is there going to be a muscle bike build off this winter?
  3. johnp.smith

    The E Bucket

    I had a thread for this that I was trying to edit and deleted by accident. So These are two before and two after shots of it. Im calling it done and moving on to another project while waiting for a few more parts to arrive for my build off bike
  4. johnp.smith


    Does anyone else have a recumbent in their garage? Are you thinking about one in the future? They come in many forms each with their own advantages. I am still experimenting with many used and neglected examples I can find at a reasonable price Some Recumbent Abbreviations and Terminology...
  5. johnp.smith

    BO15 Ratcumbent

    Greetings, I had to make a frame change since I gave my first bike away and Im going to use this recumbent frame. It is an Easy Racer EZ Sport that I acquired a while ago. It had been left out in the rain for many years and restoring it to original condition would have cost too much. So it...
  6. johnp.smith

    Please help me with info about what tire sizes mean

    Greetings all, I have a different idea for the build off and want to use the biggest rear tire I can fit. Im going to use a 7 speed rear mtn bike wheel that is 1 inch wide. I have 3 1/4 inches of width available but only 2 1/4 height available from the top of the rim to the frame. Does a 26...
  7. johnp.smith

    Can someone tell me what Schwinn this is. Never seen one

    I went to see a Raleigh and spotted this schwinn. Never seen anything like it so I got it. Is it worth anything?
  8. johnp.smith

    Is anyone else experimenting with recumbent bikes?

    My wife and I are avid cyclists. Last year, just before an Aids Ride from SF to LA, she suffered a spine injury. She has recovered somewhat and now rides a recumbent trike. A Catrike Road AR. Since getting her that, I have started picking up used recumbent two wheelers to try out different...
  9. johnp.smith

    BO15 Old English

    Hello all, I havent done a rat build in a long time but with the extra free time right now why not. A few months ago, I spotted a rusty Phillips bike in the dumpster at work. I brought it home and saved the frame and fork for that some day project. Maybe that day is now. Im pretty sure I...
  10. johnp.smith

    Monarch Springer Fork

    Hello, I have this 1 inch threaded repop Monarch springer fork. I have no use for it and would like to trade it for a 1 1/8 threadless springer if someone has one. Prefer matte black but gloss black or chrome would do and it needs the holes to mount a disc brake. Otherwise this fork is for sale...
  11. johnp.smith

    Raleigh Rat Mailbox Bike

    I picked up this 73 Raleigh folder about 2 years ago from the daughter of the original owner and these picks are the bike when I got it. I had a milk crate ziptied to the rear basket and used it to ride two blocks each way to the mailbox. But it rode like crap, the tires are shot and the tubes...
  12. johnp.smith

    Iverson Dragstripper - The Patriot

    Sorry I didnt finish. July was an overwhelming month. I still need to powder coat it, add decals and many details yet. But it did come a long way and I will make a continuation thread when I get time to work on it again. These pics were taken this morning August 2, 2017 Good luck to everyone...
  13. johnp.smith

    My CL ad in Hollister CA. My ad in Hollister CA. Need to make room in the garage for a car ASAP Will ship, buyer pays packing and shipping charges
  14. johnp.smith

    Old Sears Spyder #2

    This is what I brought home, chainguard was robbed for a different rat spyder a few weeks ago as I try to piece together what I have
  15. johnp.smith

    BMX Stuff

    Its all 20 inch except the white bike thats 24. Not sure what I will do with it. Wheels are nice, i might use the mags on something
  16. johnp.smith

    Sears Spyder Low Budget Rebuild - Grape Crush

    Im going to basically rebuild this Spyder with parts I have and a budget of $50. I see the need for a chain, a rear tube, and a brake cable. The existing bars, stem, fork, front wheel, crankset, pedals, chain guard, rear fender, rear tire, derailer, shifter, seat, rear brake and sissy bar are...
  17. johnp.smith

    Stick Shift Question

    Hello Guys, Im trying to find out if this Shimano 3 Speed stick Shift would work with a Sturmey Archer AW rear hub. Im concerned the distance between gears might be different. Its an expensive shifter and Id like to know if anyone can tell me before making a big purchase Thanks
  18. johnp.smith

    Iverson Dragstripper. The Patriot

    Im starting with this Iverson Dragstripper a friend found for me. The front end is shot and removed and the rear if the frame has been cut several inches. I have a build theme in mind as a Bicentennial Themed Dragster. Ive test fit a few pieces at various times to see if it will work and it...
  19. johnp.smith

    A surprise from my Fiance

    She knows me well
  20. johnp.smith

    Muscle Bike Score

    not sure what i found but they are cool. These were in the building next door to my work. Speedometers are for sale or trade