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    I thought some of you would enjoy this (79 Cook Brothers)
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    Get a seat post to stop slipping

    Ok so my Schwinn High Plains townie is having problems with the seat post staying. I have a 25.4mm seat post with a 26.4mm cane creek shim in it with a seat post binder bolt rather then a QR. It just will not stop slipping. I made sure the clamping slot in the seat tube was clean and not...
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    Punk brothers (pair of custom rigid mtbs)

    So starting on my two builds for the year. First up the one that is probably going that is going to be more interesting to people on this forum, a coaster braked mountain bike that I am calling Suspect Device. The design was inspired by a recent build by BTR. The name comes from the classic...
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    22.2 to 31.8mm handlebar shim

    Does anyone know where I can find one? Everywhere seems to be out of stock.... Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
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    Square Taper crank bolts

    Do all square taper cranks use the same bolts? I have a set of Sugino GPs that I am going to use with a Tange Seiki BB. Sent from my LM-G820 using Tapatalk
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    Misc parts for sale

    Prices don't include shipping BrandX 740mm 15mm rise bar $10 Nukeproof bar cut to 760mm 40mm rise $15 Random cheap ebay riser bar $Free Two Fabric water bottles (they don't use cages. Connect to frame via little bosses) $10 Frame mount mini pump $10 Sungino Impel mountain triple Nevermind...
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    Nice looking headlight for city use

    Trying to figure out a battery powered headlight for use around town at night that doesn't look ugly. I don't want a light that look like the standard battery headlights like this. I also don't think a classic cruiser style headlight would look right. One like this. I like the Rindow...
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    How to tell brake and shifter cables apart

    I have a few cables and I am not sure if they are shifter or brake cables. Is there an easy way to tell them apart?
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    The period after Chaos on the Surly bikes website Click the period after Chaos on the Surly website for amusement.
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    This is a super cool old school MTB frame
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    Worksman Newsboy seat tube length

    Does anyone know what the seat tube length of a Worksman Newsboy is? Also about what is the fork length (A-C)?
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    Garage clean out (cheap mostly mtb parts)

    All prices are cash picked up in Huntsville AL. If you want it shipped buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Push Shock of a 2011 Niner WFO9 with 500lb Fox spring. $20 Sold SRAM X9 2speed shifter $5 Nitto Torsion bar off Surly 1x1 (about 660mm wide) free (gone) Cheap ebay riser bar free BrandX...
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    24x3 tires on a 26in cruiser

    Will a 24x3 fit on most vintage 26in cruisers? Also are there fenders that would cover this wide a tire? I have an idea of what I want to build next.
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    Cool video on very early bikes

    Thought some of you might enjoy this video from GCN.
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    26 MTB to gravel bike conversion to town bike

    So my wife has recently taken a liking to riding but she is only really interested in gravel and greenways and the like. Neither of my two bikes are really ideal for this kind of riding. A low long and slack 150mm travel (1275mm wheelbase with a 64deg head angle) Ragley Big Wig (which...
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    WTB: Cheap old school 26in MTB

    I am looking for an old school (rim brake) 26in MTB either complete or frame/fork/wheels in 21 or 22in frame size. Anyone got one laying around that they would part with for cheap? I am in Huntsville Alabama so I could pick up something that is within an hour or two or willing to work out shipping.
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    This is pretty sweet Not mine but it is tempting.
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    Gearing up front pedal trike

    Ok so last year I did the Downtown Tri here in Huntsville (tricycle race). It is a team format around a block and I had bought a Razor drift trike to us. It is an absolute hoot to ride but I am spinning so fast that my feet are flying off the pedals well before the end of the straights. I want...
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    Couple questions on the Worksman Newsboy frame

    So having gotten distracted buying a mountain bike (Niner WFO9) and building a BMX (Sunday Soundwave), finally coming round to start gathering parts to do a klunker build. I have a line on a fork I want to use but I wanted to make sure it would fit. I am planning on ordering one of the raw...
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    Who wants to give this a try?