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  1. ChoppeRon

    ChoppeRon's rides

    Thank you Rat Rod for making this pic upload process MUCH easier. Hope to see many more member pics now.
  2. ChoppeRon

    Looking for a 32" front wheel

    Like usual, I'm looking for the impossible. Does anyone have a source for a 32" wheel, tire and tube combo? It appears that Wallyworld may have even stopped selling the bikes with them. Maybe not a big seller? Thinkin' my best shot may be here, with someone parting one out. Thx in advance for...
  3. ChoppeRon

    24"/26"x 3" wide square shouldered slick tire?

    :idea: I'm pretty sure they don't exist. I have seen references here about the Sulky 2.125". I have a 26" x 2.125" I believe is from Innova(buried in the pile right now), but consider them to be a little too proportionatly narrow for a adult sized muscle/chopper/kustom. Maybe a little too much...
  4. ChoppeRon

    Checking in from Surrey, British Columbia.

    Hi all. Awesome site! I am 49 years old, been a bike nut my whole life. I started collecting parts in the '80s, and started bolting things together in the early '90s. I consider myself fairly proficient at it but in no way an expert. Not so much at this computer stuff tho, so proving it with...