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  1. Bicycle808

    One of my Worksman builds

    Here are some pics of my Worksman IFG (Idiot Fixed Gear.) Classic driveside pic. Some detail of the front. Repro headbadge sticker courtesy of RRB Member @Mark Sr. Headset stack has a red ano spacer (Cane Creek) and a checkered one...
  2. Bicycle808

    I know what i wanna do when i grow up (video)

  3. Bicycle808

    interesting little subforum

    I'm diggin' it. I hope we can get @RyanPartridge 's blessing on this one.
  4. Bicycle808

    Y'all eat hot peppers?

    I've been burning my face off with some seriously spicy chiles lately; i was curious as to whether any of my RRBrethren mess around with hot peppers, too.
  5. Bicycle808

    Unknown 3-Bar Looptail...

    So, i got one of those looptail frames that @||TheDude|| was selling on RRB. (i think he has a few left as of right now... ) This is the pic from the ad, but this is how my frame looks: Well, the plan is to...
  6. Bicycle808

    nice video

    i want one
  7. Bicycle808

    Amusing Bike Theft Video....rated pg13 for graphic violence/adult situations.

    Apologies if you've already seen this gem. :21:
  8. Bicycle808

    Industrial Klunkers and Frame Comparisons

    OK, I've been doing my own long-term version of a comparison test; sort of like an industrial frame-turned-klunker multi-bike shoot-out, with the Worksman INB, the Schwinn CHD, the Summit Workhorse, and the Husky HD-series. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses; i want to rope some...
  9. Bicycle808

    ORBO2016 The Coaster Mullet

    I promised a thread by Monday, but i've been working like a dog for the past month, so i have no pics.... Basics are as follows: Worksman frame, disc up front, Bendix RedBand singlespeed rear, 29" hoops, typical neo-klunk mods, going for a bmx aesthetic and modern offroad/trail...
  10. Bicycle808

    Show me your Frame Jig!

    I searched; no threads like this in this sub-forum. So, please, post up some pics of your Jigs! I know I'm not the only one who wants to take a look and steal some ideas! I'd prefer to see some DIY Jigs, but any/all frame-building jigs would be appreciated. :grin: -Rob
  11. Bicycle808

    Any RRBers make their own hot sauce?

    Curious about recipes...
  12. Bicycle808

    I gotta admit; it would've been RAD if I had this as a kid... Yeah, it's corny, and here's a lot of wishful thinking in the promo video, but we'd have had fun building and crashing the various vehicles.... :banana::rockout::banana:
  13. Bicycle808

    Please Help... MS150 Charity Ride

    OK, so despite having been an overweight adult recreational cyclist for about 2 decades, i've yet to participate in a charity ride....until now. I've decided to ride in the NJ "City to Shore" MS ride; i'm doing the 80mile/one day ride with some friends. I'm a natural procrastinator, but that...
  14. Bicycle808

    Awesome Bicycle Robot

    Apologies if y'all have already seen this (the video is from 2011), but check it out:
  15. Bicycle808

    The biggest Rat Rod of them all LOL

    Thought this was kinda funny....:crazy:o_O:thumbsup:!/2016-MALUM-26/p/52182664/category=1660013
  16. Bicycle808

    Nice video about hot-rodding your CB Hub for klunking duty...

    I enjoyed this a lot.... might try some of these mods.
  17. Bicycle808

    2016 SE rumours...

    I'm trying my best to keep up the RRB etiquette here, so I'm not going to link to another forum's thread on ths topic, but suffice it to say that SE has "leaked" some pics of next year's lineup. Some interesting stuff, indeed, but mostly, I wanna post up a pic of this: 26" Quadangle. I'm...
  18. Bicycle808

    Been riding most every Sunday after work.....

    ....Bicycle BarHopping is fun. Con los Mojones... We been getting an eclectic crowd each time.... felt like i was stuck in "Girls' night out" this past week.
  19. Bicycle808

    FYI- KT to Shimano guts-swap

    I've read before that this is possible, and i always thought it should be, but i finally confirmed it yesterday. I got a current-production set of Skyway Tuff II wheels, with the coaster rear. Skyway has been using KT HiStop hubs on these, and this new set had a bent-up clutch spring from day...
  20. Bicycle808

    Something wrong with the forum?

    I've been experiencing weird issues on RRB yesterday and today; it takes forever to load the forums, and responses or new threads take forever to post, and have failed to post entirely. It seems like a problem with my computer or connection, except that i've had zero problems on other...