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    Peugeot PX10... I think?

    Yeah I believe it is one too! What does the small black decal say. I hope it says 531 renolds tube set Sent from my QTAIR7 using Tapatalk
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    Removable basket @ Aldi for $10

    Very cool looking! Like the black one the best! I will need to stop over at Aldi and see if they have any! I work at Ikea they had rear bags for bikes for cheap so I pick them up! Only bad thing was they are bright green! The price was right so now I have them!
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    IKEA Sladda

    I work for IKEA. The bike was designed for city riding. At frist look I felt that it was a bit heavy. I was a bit put off it because it only had a front disc brake! I have since ridden the bike it seems to ride well. It has a two speed hub sort of a kick back shift. I still would prefer a...
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    Got A New Project To Start On!

    You have done some great work! Love watching you
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    where on earth did you get the rocking wheels? The wheels really make this bike!
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    Bikes Direct Motobecana Trail Elite.

    Had the bike for a little bit more then year! It has a little more then 3000 miles on it. No problems with it. Was going to ride along the west coast of Michigan but it didn't work out, not the fault of the bike. I mounted a toepeak rear rack on it and have been happy with it. I have a...
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    El cheapo snow bike boots

    Never thought of this! Gee dumb city boy here would never think of this!
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    Curb Score Question

    I have a much older Rock hopper and have ridden the day lights out of it and keeps come back for more. That's a good find. I don't know about resale value 140 seems high but I don't know your area either
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    1966 Huffy Eldorado added to the herd.

    Very nice looking bikes. Nice area to be from the "tip of the mit!"
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    2 crusty Higginzzzzzzzz

    Wow! I like the one in the back! It just speaks to me!
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    ~:1936 Schwinn AutoCycle:~ PIC HEAVY

    Very nice looking bike!like the the head lights!
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    My Daily Rider "War Pony"

    What a cool looking daily ride!
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    Base model space liner

    No problems at all! I ran 2.125s too.
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    Base model space liner

    Kansas got them from an old huffy Santa Ana from walmart. But I run without fenders for now.
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    Hello from French Pyrénées

    Some of my friends that I met in France said they called the cars le frog because they remind them of frogs. I thought it was a common Nick name for them. They are a neat design some times you might see them here! But just not a common car. L Lejeune at one time was commonly sold race bike...
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    Hello from French Pyrénées

    Great looking bikes! Are there still a lot of the Le forge still running in France? 30 years ago when I cycle toured France there were many of them!
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    Schwinn E/F custom build, it has begun!

    Looks good! Love red rims!.
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    Base model space liner

    Good bike! They do ride nice! Mine has 2 inch wide tires it rides so smooth!
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    Very cool! Thanks!
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    I love seeing this bike! What type of tires are you rolling on?