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    After a dry spell of not find any bikes

    It has been 3 years of not finding any bikes this last week I found 3 bikes. The 3rd photo is just a frame set I had robbed parts of of it before taking photos. The Santa Fa and the Pepsi bike are perhaps future projects
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    Space liner to 7spd!

    This was probably write about before but I now have some parts to complete my spaceliner,maybe! How hard is to put a seven SPD rear into this frame? What I have is a complete derailure and wheel set so I won't have to rebuild the rear wheel. Also what do you do about brakes? As always thanks...
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    Oh boy I found a cheap promo Bike.

    I have hit a dry spell for finding bikes, haven't found anything worth looking at. I was to the point of being hard up for a bike. Always looking on craigslist, garage sales or roadside walmart never finding anything. This has gone on for a long time. Today I found a Pepsi/Fila promo bike...
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    Feeling blue

    Will I just found out that I have been laid off! I was talking to horsefamer about things and he thought it might be good to do build! So why not. I will be limited to parts on hand so I'm starting off with an old three SPD I found. Any suggestions what to do with would be ok. I was going to...
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    My Favorite time of the Year!

    In a few days an event that I look forward to. The Woodward Cruise. So anyone going?
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    I'll think I give this a shot. I have an all chrome Space Liner that I managed to save. Here is hoping I can import the photo from photo bucket to here. If not I'll need to run to the public libarury to do it.
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    Bikes Direct Motobecana Trail Elite.

    I recently bought a Trail Elite from Bikes Direct. I don't know whether to post it here or post it in Mountain Bikes. Since it is mostly a light trail bike. What I wanted was a bike with disc brakes and that was cheap. Well what I got was something that I am very happy with. A lot times I...
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    Need some ideas on not so old bike

    I have a wallyworld special mountain bike with dual suspension front(I think) and rear. I need some ideas on what to do with it and if you got any photos it would help. I know that a rattle can is in the future for this fine machine(pos).
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    Michigan Hi.

    Just thought I would join you all. Last year in Nov. I was hit by a car during a training run, yeah I'm one of those roadie guys you see on a racing bike. It wasn't till this June that I started doing short hops on my bike again after Dr. that put me back together told me that I will never...