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  1. sdframe

    Schwinn Shuffle

    It's not a rat. It's not a bike. It IS more fun than a barrel of monkeys. A Schwinn Shuffle scooter, which I outfitted with a front wheel 1000W, 48V front wheel motor kit and some ape hangers. These kits are basically plug 'n' play. 28 mph. Thought I'd share.
  2. sdframe

    1990ish Nishiki Pinnacle

    I'm clueless when it comes to mountain bikes, but when I saw this unusually framed Nishiki on Facebook Marketplace for $20, I figured I could do something with it. Suntour XC components throughout. Did some research on it when I got it home: it was $1,000 new, a bit of a rarity, and the chain...
  3. sdframe


    BEFORE: AFTER: Stripped down, three-speed drop center wheel set added, carbon fiber saddle, straight fixie fork, alloy straight bar, and a few red bits.
  4. sdframe

    Flying Scot Before and After

    I picked this up recently. It's badged "Flying Scot," but I believe it's made by Raleigh. BEFORE: AFTER: Dumped the fenders, chainguard and twist shifter. Gave it a paint job and added thumb shifter, two-tone chain, mt. bike bars, truss rods, used cruiser seat, long seat post, drop center...
  5. sdframe

    Raleigh English Racer

    We used to call these bikes "English Racers" back in the '50s and '60s. I don't see that term used much these days. I've missed out on several great Craigslist deals this summer. I swear someone in Tucson is sitting at his computer 24/7, just waiting for my kind of bike with my kind of price...
  6. sdframe


    I should have started documenting this sooner, but here's an old Hawthorne that I took down to the bare frame and am now building into a California Cruiser. I'll probably add a three-piece crank set, waiting on orange/chrome chain and a chrome BMX-style 26" fork. I feel the need to add some...
  7. sdframe

    Copper Queen

    Threw this together this past weekend. It started as a ladies' bike, someone flipped the top bar, and I bought it needing some love. I added a vintage Schwinn crankset, kids' Stingray riser bars, setback post with riveted road bike saddle, padded grips, new chain, and lots of copper paint. It...
  8. sdframe

    Tierra Cruisera- a made over Jamis Earth Cruiser

    I rode her down to the community pool area this morning for a little photo shoot. She's a real nice rider. I am very pleased with this one. It's a keeper! I believe that each time you build a bike, you learn something. I have three takeaways from this build: 1. Careful attention to little...
  9. sdframe

    Hawthorne Cruiser

    I picked this up last night. The pics on Craigslist didn't show the chain guard, so that was a most pleasant surprise.
  10. sdframe

    Red One

    I just put this one together. Canti frame of unknown origin,metallic red paint, Schwinn Heavi-Duti wheel set, yada, yada.
  11. sdframe

    What Is This?

    The curved top bar, apparently an addition, is what drew me to this $55 Craigslist find. I don't know who manufactured this frame, but I've taken some pics and hope you experts out there can identify it. No name on the headbadge, Komet coaster hub, paisley chainwheel. Thanks, if you can help.
  12. sdframe


    Has anyone thought that this pandemic has brought a huge bunch of us ratters together this time around? Think about it, we've not been terribly isolated from a whole lot of like-minded individuals, we're having fun, giving encouragement and feeling a closeness to each other. You can't beat that.
  13. sdframe


    I finally found something I could work on for the buildoff. Imagine my excitement in finding a genuine three-speed Jamis Earth Cruiser on Facebook marketplace for $75. Alas, it turned out to NOT be the model we all salivate over. It's a 2010 model year version; a curvy, aluminum framed bike...
  14. sdframe


    My title has a double meaning: I'm stranded here like so many of us, so I'm re-doing my 26er muscle bike into a strandie, which I will actually ride on occasion. I did not like riding the green and red muscle bike version. Last night, I spent a few hours tearing it down and adding the new...
  15. sdframe

    Simple Fix

    I love this frame and it's had several iterations over the past coupla years. I even motorized it once. This time around I thought I'd keep it simple. To that end, I fitted it with aero 700c wheels, a three-piece crank, straight handlebar, road bike seat and a fixie fork. I'm quite pleased...
  16. sdframe

    Kristmas Krate

    Done. Finis. Es todo. I'm ready for my next one, though I had a real good time putting this one together.
  17. sdframe

    Kristmas Krate

    You know how it goes. You think you have a bike finished, like my sweet riding early '50s three-speed Monark: But then something comes along; in this case, a solid brass custom made fuel tank built just for my Monark frame So now my red Monark will become a motored bike. I ordered a...
  18. sdframe

    Motorized Trike

    Schwinn Meridian with 212 cc Predator engine. Just finished. Kinda scary to ride.
  19. sdframe


    Another finished one from Tucson.The onlookers seem to approve of my bare bones style. Here's a link to my build:
  20. sdframe

    Red Monark

    It just needs a few final touches.