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  1. Jaxon

    1920's Hawthorne Flyer ?

    I found this bike on Facebook July 4th. I believe it might be a 1920's Hawthorne Flyer from some posts here. There is red paint under the blue and silver paint. Forks turn good. Sprocket turns good as do the wheels. Front rim is rusted through. Back rim is complete but the wood inside is rotting...
  2. Jaxon

    Rat Trap Fork Chrome Parts

    Here are the chrome parts to a 24 inch rat trap fork. They will work on any rat trap fork except the truss rod. It is for a 24 inch fork only. Slight dent in the truss rod. Decent chrome on the spring and rockers. 50 Dollars Shipped. Lower 48
  3. Jaxon

    24 Inch Rat Trap Fork

    Here are 2 rat trap type forks 24 inch. Great to convert your Murray F series frame to a 20 x 16 bike. Blue fork has better chrome. Will take better pics. 50 dollars each plus shipping from New York 13839 zip.
  4. Jaxon

    Charger GT 5 Shifter 5 speed

    This looks like a import shifter. Says patent cfp 1985 charger Taiwan. Mounts on the goose neck. $25 plus shipping
  5. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Forks Summer Run 2019

    I have been getting a few more requests for Top Fueler forks again. I will be making another 10 set run. If you have interest in a set please post here. They are $600 Dollars Shipped. No deposit No prepayments. Pay when they are ready. Just need your order. If your plans change or something...
  6. Jaxon

    Completely rusted front fender brace 24 inch FOUND

    I need a 24" front fender brace completely rusted. It is for a JC Higgins bike. Any help Please.
  7. Jaxon

    Completely Rusty J C Higgins Exhaust Tank Bike

    I found this JC Higgins exhaust tank bike at a barn sale today. It is a 24 x 2.125 bike. The rust comes off when you run your hand around on it. It needs a front rusty fender stay. The bottom of the tank has a hole where the battery probably leaked. The best thing about it is the wheels spin...
  8. Jaxon

    Banana Seat Lot. SOLD

    I have these banana seats I would like to sell in one lot. 4 Seats were restored by Joe. 2 have Schwinn tags 2 are not tagged. All 4 seats have reflector tabs. The black seat is a Persons prototype seat. There are no holes for the sissy bar. I had a mount attached to the bottom pan that's why it...
  9. Jaxon

    Prewar Shelby Guard SOLD

    Prewar Shelby guard. House paint brown front Rust patina back. Straight no dents. $60 Dollars Shipped. Sold
  10. Jaxon

    64 Chrome Sears Spyder Bike 20 Inch

    Here is a early Sears Spyder bike in chrome. The chrome is nice still shines good. The tires are Carlisle tires. The Troxel seat has a split across it. The cover is getting brittle and will crack more. The rear rim is a newer 70's Huffy rim. It should have a MO MFG rear rim with bendix red band...
  11. Jaxon

    New Front End Tilting Trike

    I am going to build a Tremoto type front end for a 20 inch fat tire bike. It is a tilting reverse trike front end that goes on sportbike motorcycles. It looks like a pretty easy build. It will probably work best on electric bikes since you have the drag of a extra wheel to pedal. I think those...
  12. Jaxon

    Top Fueler Drag Forks 2019 READY!

    I am starting a short run of 10 Top Fueler Drag Forks. They should be ready early May. They will be 600 a set shipped. Let me know if you are interested in a set. No deposits taken. No problem if your interest changes by May.
  13. Jaxon

    J C Higgins 16 Inch Number 2

    Here is the start of another 16 inch sidewalk bike. This bike had fenders, hard tires, regular seat, handlebars. I added the wheels with 10GA spokes! They are fat spokes and look really cool. Seat, sissy bar handlebars I had. I ordered a 16 x 3 tire for the rear like the other bike. I might put...
  14. Jaxon

    Huffy Rail 20 x 1 3/8 wheel or rim FOUND

    I am looking for a Huffy Rail 20 x 1 3/8 wheel or rim. Thanks....Jaxon FOUND, Thanks Stingray Joe
  15. Jaxon

    1968 Firestone Wheel Bike

    I picked up this Firestone Wheel bike off Thecabe a few weeks ago. I had to replace the seat, sissy bar, tires, pedals, Shifter T handle. It came out pretty nice. The paint looks nicer then it is but it came back nice. BEFORE AFTER CLEAN UP
  16. Jaxon

    Firestone Slick 20 x 2.125 Tire

    I am looking for a Firestone slick tire 20 x 2.125. Front Firestone tire also. Thanks!
  17. Jaxon

    Screamer Mini 16 Inch Handlebars

    I am building a old JC Higgins 16 inch bike and I am using a Screamer springer fork on it. I made a set of mini screamer bars for it. I used a set of Schwinn midget bars and a set of regular highrise bars to make them. I cut each set of bars shorter where the grips go. Then cut the length off...
  18. Jaxon

    Sears Screamer Mag Wheel Poster 24 x 32

    I had some credit at office max so I had a 24 x 32 poster made of the Screamer mag wheel bike ad. They are laminated so no rip or tears will happen. Waterproof too. A great poster to go with your mag wheel bike. 50 dollars shipped and I will include a copy of a Sears Screamer Owners Manual.
  19. Jaxon

    Pick up in Chattanooga Tennessee area. Cleveland

    Can someone pickup a pedal car in Cleveland Tennessee and ship it to me in New York. Thanks for any help Jaxon
  20. Jaxon

    FOUND Front Fender 16 inch Sears Screamer

    I need a 16 inch front fender for a Sears Screamer. It can be a Screamer fender or a plain 16 inch front fender. I could use the kind with the slot in it for the springer. Thanks for any help! Jaxon