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  1. nateyboy

    Schwinn kick and a Rail

    I think I needed a break from ballooners b/c I’ve been finding myself drawn to all sorts of other randomness. I’ve picked all of these up in the last couple of weeks... Schwinn Cruiser 5 Schwinn Cruiser 1971 Schwinn Stingray 1974 Schwinn Junior Stingray Schwinn BMX And a Huffy Rail...
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    Phantom / Spyder

    Capped off the week with a couple of crusties: a Black Phantom frameset and a complete Sears Spyder 5-speed. Time to get to work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Predator and Pinnacle

    Completely out of my league here. These two came with a bundle of bikes I picked yesterday. I've found a little info on the Predator, but the Pinnacle is a mystery. Any info from the experts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. nateyboy

    Fresh Pickins'

    Met three of the coolest kids yesterday who were trying to get rid of some of their horde of bikes to make room in the barn. I know nothing about BMX, and very little about muscle bikes, but I took a chance on some stuff I liked. A couple of the girls bikes will be donated (they told me I had to...
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    Clearing the parts bin (Schwinn, Columbia, Troxel...) UPDATED 8/24

    Time to clear out some of the stash, just in time for the MBBO and prime Fall riding weather. All prices include shipping. PayPal (add 3% for Goods and Services), cash, or money order accepted. Feel free to ask questions. RARE Columbia Rambler Deluxe fork and handlebars. This is the 26" wheel...
  6. nateyboy

    Huffy Super Stock 3

    Did some driving and trading for this fella today: Some of the chrome is beat and the saddle cover looks like it lost a fight, but the bones are good. I'm a sucker for an OG blue bike and the tires, guard, and 3-speed set up made this one worth the effort. Shout out to my buddy @ODDER for...
  7. nateyboy

    1966 Coppertone Junior Stingray

    I'm hoping some of you muscle bike experts can shed some light on my latest purchase. Serial number begins with "JB..." which I believe makes it a September of '66. I read a little bit about the Juniors, but have absolutely no idea what is correct/original to this bike. Clearly it's missing the...
  8. nateyboy

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) Lil' Scrapper

    I didn't know if I would have time to do final pics, but I managed to get out for about an hour today. I headed to my favorite spot for taking photos, the West Bottoms area of KCMO. Here's the link to my build...
  9. nateyboy

    Coast to Coast

    I keep trying to downsize and finish the projects I have, but as Mike Wolfe would say "the best time to buy an antique is when you see it". This popped up on CL about 45 minutes from home: Bought it from the original owner's brother. It's missing a spoke in the front wheel, the kickstand...
  10. nateyboy

    Banana Seat Grommets/Eyelets

    Has anyone found a successful solution to replacing the grommet/eyelet on a banana seat? I decided to re-furb my Troxel saddle and didn't think twice about drilling out the grommet. Now that I'm ready to reassemble I'm having difficulty locating something that will work for he grommet/eyelet. I...
  11. nateyboy

    (MBBO#05 Class 2) Lil' Scrapper **DONE**

    I wasn’t planning on entering this build off; I don’t (didn’t) even own any muscle bikes. But I’ve always liked them. Inspiration struck a few weeks ago when some of my 24” parts weren’t selling and I had the brilliant idea to use them on a bike instead. Great logic, right? This isn’t selling so...
  12. nateyboy

    REDUCED Parts Stash: Schwinn, HBBC, Shimano, Nirve, and more! UPDATED 8/24

    Listing some parts I no longer need. Hopefully they can be put to good use! All prices include shipping (Continental US). Payment via cash or PayPal (add 3% for Goods and Services). Contact me if you're interested in multiple items and I'll see what I can do on shipping cost. Open to offers...
  13. nateyboy

    Roadmaster Pacemakers

    Picked up the boy's version yesterday, and with a ton of encouragement went back for the girl's this morning. Miraculously it was still there. I've been told these are either '40 or '41; I still need to post the serial numbers to know for sure.
  14. nateyboy

    Roadmaster Pacemaker

    Picked this one up this morning and hoping to find out a little more about it. Appears to be all original and only missing the headlight. The paint is fantastic--I haven't even wiped it off yet. I passed on a girl's version of the same bike, complete with the ND 2-speed and the headlight. May...
  15. nateyboy

    '40s Western Flyer

    I've been doing more selling than buying for a while now, but I made an exception today. It would have been my Dad's 67th Birthday and since I grew up with him taking me to auctions, I decided to find a sale in his honor. Settled on one almost four hours away that listed a 1940s Western Flyer...
  16. nateyboy

    Murray Qualifier 1 & 20 (little help, please)

    I've always wanted a muscle bike, but it needed to be priced well (cheap), and different (not a Stingray). This popped up on CL Sunday evening and now I'm the proud owner of a Murray(?) Qualifier 1 & 20. The only problem is, I know pretty much nothing about it. Most of the information I've found...
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    Apparently third time's a charm for me to actually finish a build off, and it's been a blast. Three months sounds like such a long time to build a bike, from parts or from scratch, but it's amazing how quickly the time ticks away. If you’ve followed my original build thread you know that this...
  19. nateyboy

    50 Shades of Blue AKA HellCamino

    Some of you may remember the build I started last year in honor of my Dad who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Here's the original thread: He passed two weeks into the build and I haven't done much with bikes since...
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    "If you're going through <heck>, keep going." —Winston Churchill This build is dedicated to my Dad who was diagnosed with inoperable Stage Four lung cancer in January. The name is a combination of two elements that make me think of him: the first is the above Winston Churchill quote, and the...