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  1. Glen

    Countdown to Build Off 14 End...

    I’m not sure if anyone else did one of these but just in case, here’s a countdown clock to the end of Build Off 14. Click on the link... Good luck to all builders. Glen. EDIT: @Rat Rod Hope I got the time right, I used USA Central Time. If it's wrong...
  2. Glen

    Winner Badge...

    Hi All, In case you didn’t see it in the ‘MBBO 2018 ART’ thread, I intend to make winners badges for both classes of the MBBO. Here’s a photoshop mockup of what they’ll look like… They are 55mm diameter button badges and will be sent to the winner of each class. Good luck to all who...
  3. Glen

    Silver Angel

    This bike was originally going to be cut up to modify the frame of my 'Winter Build Off' bike, Retroped. However, when it arrived and I looked at it, I straight away thought of my great-great-niece who turned 6 years old at the end of November 2018 and decided that I’d build it for her. Here’s...
  4. Glen

    Class 2 - Silver Angel

    Silver Angel (name might change) The story: This bike was purchased earlier in the year and was originally going to be cut up to modify the frame of my WBO bike, Retroped. However, when it arrived and I looked at it, I straight away thought of my great-great-niece who will turn 6 years old...
  5. Glen

    ♥︎ Blackheart ♥︎

    1982 Murray Monterey Build thread:♥︎-blackheart-♥︎.106375/ Glen.
  6. Glen

    RRBBO13 ♥︎ Blackheart ♥︎

    The starting point is this Murray Monterey.… Here’s a photoshop of the planned frame modification… It’s appropriate that the start of the build off is in May because I believe the “05-82” on the sticker on the bottom of the seat post suggests this Murray was built May 1982… I decided...
  7. Glen


    Here's a link to the build thread... Glen.
  8. Glen

    Parts suppliers

    Has anyone had any dealings with I recently bought a bike that I want to do up for my great-great-niece. I want to get a banana seat, sissy bar, ape hangers etc. and those parts are nigh on impossible to get locally here in New Zealand. So I’m looking online and...
  9. Glen


    I'm just wondering what people prefer when looking at build off threads, 'Thumbnail' or 'Full Image' ?
  10. Glen

    Retroped (was HEALING) - WBO 2018

    Not much to see yet... Don’t have any other parts so will see what turns up and take it from there. New name will come when I have a better idea what I'm doing. Glen.
  11. Glen

    QUADRUPED - WBO 2018 Scratch Built

    I literally have nothing to start with except an idea and these two concept designs... Four side mounted wheels and some square box section steel for the frame. I suppose I’ll need to start getting some parts and materials. :39: Glen.
  12. Glen


    Here is the 'finished' Sidebolt. I haven't been able to get better photos yet but might be able to before the finish… just wanted to get this up in case I can't. WBO 2017 Build Thread - Original Build Thread -...
  13. Glen

    Sidebolt - WBO 2017

    the saga continues... Previously on Sidebolt - the original thread… DISCLAIMER: I'll endeavour to get this monster rideable, but be warned, it might not get done due to my predicament of having to find another house to rent...
  14. Glen


    My entry for the 2016 RRB Calendar Photo Contest:
  15. Glen

    Best ladies frame.

    This prize is a gentlemanly tip of the hat for "BEST LADIES FRAME". The winner will receive a hat of their choice from the RRB online store. The choices are... 1. Compax Traveler – Dan Hampton 2. Edsel Corsair.. Ladies Version.. –...
  16. Glen

    Build Off Ten - Participant Location Map

    It was successful last year, so it's back… the build off location map. It's a map I've created on zeemaps to show the locations of the builders participating in Build Off Ten. If you would like to add your location marker, go to the map… Then go to...
  17. Glen


    I wasn't going to make a start until I sold at least one of the four bikes I am trying to sell... then yesterday I thought “yeah... nah... just start now and see what happens”*. I have some old 1936 Chev parts that are destined to be on a 1940's style dry lakes roadster, sort of like this...
  18. Glen

    Best Doodads - Voting Thread

    Vote for the 1 (one) bike you think has the best doodads from the following nominations... 1. starsNbars - kingfish254█★█-starsnbars-█★█-38-hawthorne-twin-bar-5-bar-☠-red-white-and-rust-finished-pics-video.85683/ 2. iAM Higgins - MazdaFlyer...
  19. Glen

    Glendular Fever

    Here is Glendular Fever. Not my best work, but still… Build thread... Ride video… Glen.
  20. Glen

    Best Doodads...

    I put forward this prize in the RRB-BO#9 Prize Pool! thread… Deven suggested it go to the bike with the best doodads. I agree. Here is the meaning of "doodad" according to an online source… doo-dad noun Informal. 1. a decorative embellishment; trinket; bauble: a dress covered with doodads...