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  1. AndyA

    Caliper Brake Mounting (there's a lesson here)

    I wanted to switch my 24" Huffy Good Vibrations from coaster brake to freewheel. Once you're used to a freewheel, with or without derailleur, a coaster can be annoying. Front caliper brake was easy. Rear caliper looked like it would fit so I bought a single speed freewheel and replaced the...
  2. AndyA

    RIP Chuck Yeager

    A hero of my boyhood - the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound - has died. Any of you ratters have ideas for a tribute bike based on the Bell X-1 rocket plane? In the 50's and 60's there certainly were a lot of aerospace-themed bikes.
  3. AndyA

    Possible Hub Donor

    Thinking about converting the 24-inch Huffy Good Vibrations (green) from coaster brake to freewheel. The 20-inch Rampage (orange) might be a suitable donor. Next steps are counting spokes, measuring the hub, and visiting the parts department to see what 24-inch wheels are available. If we have a...
  4. AndyA

    New acquisition: Sun Retro 24-inch

    How to proceed? Generally thinking of leaving it semi-crusty. Switch front wheel to 26-inch? Switch to BMX-style stem and handlebars? Need to get saddle higher -- maybe a layback seat post? Decisions, decisions...
  5. AndyA

    Cranbrook bubble?

    I know that the bike market is hot, but this is nuts. Huffy Cranbrooks were available new at $100 to $150. But now they are all over Craigslist at $200 to $250. Lots of entrepreneurs out there. And suckers. On one hand, I'm glad that more people are riding bikes. On the other hand, this market...
  6. AndyA

    Dana automatic transmission on Craigslist

    Anybody want a Dana automatic transmission? There's a Craigslist ad for an AMF cruiser with a trans on the Jersey shore. Go to Craigslist, central NJ, 1980's? AMF bike - $100 (long branch).
  7. AndyA

    Huffy Tundra Recruited into the Army

    A friend with a pickup truck (it's good to have friends with pickups) dropped off some curb finds. Included was a Huffy Tundra MTB, which is the red bike in the foreground in the photo below. It was in fair shape and I was able to get it on the road pretty quick. It rode well. For some reason...
  8. AndyA

    Really low-tech LED headlight conversion

    1) Bought a little LED flashlight for a dollar at the dollar store (sorry, I forgot to take a pic before installation) 2) Removed the original bulb base and made the hole in the reflector bigger to accommodate flashlight 3) Fastened flashlight in place with hot glue Other obvious steps include...
  9. AndyA

    Micargi Falcon ...I'm tempted

    Looking at this on Craigslist. Has Captain Morgan Rum markings. I don't need another coaster brake cruiser, but it's pretty cool looking and asking price is only $75. And the garage and basement are getting kinda crowded. Could someone talk me out of this?
  10. AndyA

    New Paltz (NY) Bike Swap May 18, 2019

    Check it out at
  11. AndyA

    Help with kickstand for Dyno-Glide 24

    There is a plate below BB for mounting a kickstand but nothing I have fits (including Greenfields). Any ideas on a kickstand that will fit? One odd thing is that slot for bolt is not in middle but offset toward chainwheel. See pics below. Thanks for any input.
  12. AndyA

    24-inch mystery bike

    O wise ones, how is this creature named? Dyno? Electra? Note that the bottom of the seat tube is behind the BB.
  13. AndyA

    Alien 5: Clone of Spaceliner

    It's in my basement! Western Flyer female alien cyborg? make it stop looking at me!
  14. AndyA


    Old school Kent scooter found on Craigslist. I deconstructed it, cleaned it up, straightened a bent front caliper, lubricated, and assembled. Considering repaint in the future, but will let grandson try it out when the weather warms up. It's very similar to the scooter that his dad rode in the...
  15. AndyA

    Craigslist Shelby

    Brought home a Shelby Flying Cloud. No chain guard but everything else looks original. Thinking in terms of cleaning up, lubricating, and trying to find a chain guard. While lifting this bike, it occurred to me that I may include it in my weight training; pumping this baby up hills will give me...
  16. AndyA

    Iverson (?) Highspeed muscle bike

    A craigslist find... Check out the interesting chopper fork and double handlebars. I think that it is an Iverson, but can any of you ol' professors confirm and/or add any further info or factoids? Looks like original rims were painted white. Thanks, Andy