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  1. Duchess

    Rat Rod Blades Challenge 2021 - Build thread

    Hm, it might work a little better if you could get a first-dropped rabbit pellet. Because rabbits have inefficient digestive systems, they eat the initial results of their recent meal to extract more nutrients the second time around. Once it comes out again, they leave it. How to tell, I don't...
  2. Duchess

    97 Specialized M2

    That color!
  3. Duchess

    Drum Brakes?

    Thanks for the info. I won't be using it off road anymore than unpaved paths. I don't expect it to be amazing, but I definitely want something better than a set of cantilevers. I'm probably putting too much motor into it and it might end up being something like an old muscle car—all go and no...
  4. Duchess

    Drum Brakes?

    Yeah, those are really good deals!
  5. Duchess

    Balloon tire fixie upgrade

    Middleweight, not ballooner, but same idea. I just used a wider axle that I had and axle nuts to spread it, same as a threaded rod. I put a 6-speed freewheel on and set it so it didn't have to be dished, which made it wider than necessary.
  6. Duchess

    Any other quality bicycle motors?

    I'd bet a chainsaw would work. I can't think of anything else that's common with a side-oriented drive.
  7. Duchess

    Flora, fauna

    Pretty much any sapling within 5 yards of the water on our property has been beavered. After punching holes in one of their dams, I have to say that they're impressively clever. They anchor Y branches with the lower leg into the mud on the downstream side, using the V to hold the lateral members...
  8. Duchess

    I’m new, I’m new, I don’t know what to do.

    One of the best things you can get is a good set of calipers to measure things as the difference between some parts can be tenths of a mm, though a complete out-of-back-pocket guess would have me say that old American cruiser standard is a good place to start from, which I think much of the...
  9. Duchess

    less and less

    I wouldn't worry about the rated wattage of the hub. You could make a sticker to call it whatever you want and almost nobody would know the difference. It's not the rating that will get you in trouble, it's getting caught going faster than the speed limits for e-bikes without pedaling (usually...
  10. Duchess

    less and less

    That's what I'm doing. All the years of ICE knowledge feels like it might as well be steam train expertise now and I can't believe how rather suddenly I lost interest in it. Bicycles and a light displacement kayak hull are great for electric, but I wish batteries were at the point where I could...
  11. Duchess

    less and less

    If you want to go electric, the cost can be intimidating (especially for batteries), but if you're willing to put together a battery pack yourself, has some incredible deals. What they have varies, so you have to keep checking, but I've never seen them without something...
  12. Duchess

    less and less

    Also, even with an explosion of demand for bikes, it's not likely to translate to much customizing. You're mostly going to see new riders or adults who haven't ridden since childhood, perhaps many of them getting into it to go on family rides and those aren't the people likely to start...
  13. Duchess

    Get a seat post to stop slipping

    Way I solved the issue on Interrobang was to use grade 8 hardware on the (steel) binder clamp as the stock hardware was way too weak. Problem in my case was that I needed a long seat stem for my height and the only 13/16" I could find was a cheap Wald one that would bend with the necessary free...
  14. Duchess


    I keep checking to see when the vaccine is available. I'm an essential worker (telecommunications, so nothing like what you're doing) and I should be up sometime this month, though we're running a little behind. I don't know how anyone in the medical field is doing what they're doing. I won't...
  15. Duchess

    Having Custom Playing Cards Made is Cheap

    There are a few different sites I found, but I'm going with makeplayingcards . com—they do packaging, game cards, all kinds of stuff. I've been thinking about maybe coming up with a board game now, but I probably won't end up doing it. It's funny that I found this out after my sister noticed on...
  16. Duchess

    Having Custom Playing Cards Made is Cheap

    Making a pack for my BiL's birthday. I'll make him as the king, my sister the queen, and their 4 kids as each Jack. It's been a really fun project. Here's some of the cards: Card back based on Zakim Bridge. Caravaggio's Medusa as a joker.
  17. Duchess

    Drum Brakes?

    I read that housing flex is a problem. People who used the aluminum section housing reported good results.
  18. Duchess

    Do you think square chain rings are going to be a thing?

    My Miyata 1000 LT had Biopace and killed my knees. Replaced them with round and my knees still don't like it, but didn't hate it as much. No idea why—it's supposed to be a very comfortable bike, the geometry is the kind I like, I'm a pounder more than a spinner (and it's caught up to me with...
  19. Duchess

    Flora, fauna

    Northern water snake (I think), Eastern milk snake (probably), Garter snake that hissed, "Don't tread on me!" before comically striking at the phone, Praying mantis, and beaver thunder dome where they make water rats fight to the death for winter accommodation (though I got that one from the...
  20. Duchess

    Drum Brakes?

    It's a SA 90mm. The reviews seem to say they're almost as good as discs when bedded in and some of those are from use with ebikes. The 70mm seems to be pretty much universally appraised as about equivalent to rim brakes. Of course, I don't know what discs they mean in the former case, but it...