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  1. blown240

    Road Bike Build

    Well its been a year or so since Ive done a bike build. For the last couple months I have been able to ride everyday. Even though I try to get to the dirt as much as I can, most days I'm riding on the road. I have an old full squish 94 StumpJumper FSR that I put street tires on, but on longer...
  2. blown240

    Free Fat Bike tires

    I have a set of V rubber V8s and a set of 20x4 tires from a Mongoose that I don't need, but feel bad throwing away... They are in good condition, maybe have 1 ride on them... Im in Orange County Ca. Send me a message if you want them.
  3. blown240

    SOLD Full Suspension Fat Bike

    Ive decided to sell my full suspension Mongoose Beast. This is my own frame design, roughly based on an Ellsworth Epiphany. This bike is very fun to ride, it feels like a monster truck! It would be a great candidate to convert to an electric bike. VERY UNIQUE! There is only 1 of these bikes. I...
  4. blown240

    Cheap fat suspension forks...

    So a buddy bought me one of these forks a couple years ago, and I tried it, and hated it…. It sat in the garage until I recently started to rebuild my full suspension Beast. Because its 3 pounds lighter that the fork I was using before, I wanted to see if it could be improved at all…. So I...
  5. blown240

    Rebuilding My Old Beast

    I decided to redo the project Beast I built about 5 years ago... Ill post pics as it progresses...
  6. blown240

    Fat Bike Tires 26" and 20"

    Time to clean out the garage. I am selling several lightly used fat bike tires. These are all in great condition with lots of tread left. Vee Rubber V8 120 tpi tubeless ready. These are pretty light. 26x4 $60 for the pair (these have some residue from tire sealant, does not effect tire in any...
  7. blown240

    SOLD Kids Fat Bike for Sale

    Well, Its time to sell my boys custom built kids fat bike. Only selling because my son has outgrown it. Tires are 20x4 the bike rides over sand and snow easily. Thompson seat post, XT rear derailleur, Widened Deore rear hub, Origin8 cranks, Shimano Ultra chainring, Avid BB7 disc brakes...
  8. blown240

    I Really Didn't Want Another Project..... BUT

    These were sitting out for the trash down the street..... This is what I'm thinking.... I now have 5 bike projects....
  9. blown240

    Summer Ebike Build?

    Im kicking around the idea of building a fat Ebike this summer. I have some time to think about it since I need to put some $$$ into my truck before I do another bike build. I have this frame: I would mount a rear wheel on the front of this bike, since it has 135mm front spacing. And I...
  10. blown240

    (ORBO) Massif Build finished

    I started this build because my 8 year old was outgrowing his 20" BMX style Specialized. We had this bike for a while, but it was so heavy that he almost couldn't and surly didn't like to ride it. Now its setup for him, and 8 pounds lighter! Short ride video: List of mods...
  11. blown240

    Which Brake Levers Do I Need?

    On my Klunker build I am going to have a Disc brake in the front, and a drum brake in the rear. I know that I need a brake lever for V-brake/disc for the front, but will that work on the drum, or do I need a canti style lever for the drum?
  12. blown240

    (ORBO) Mid Fat Klunk Plus

    Since my first BO entry if done, and I have a frame on the way, time for a second entry. I've always wanted a legit OG Klunker, and that was the inspiration behind this, even though its not vintage. Im starting with this Heavy Duti frame from Ind-chuckz, it should ship today I assume. I...
  13. blown240

    Schwinn Seat?

    Is this really a vintage seat?
  14. blown240

    Klunker Frame Suggestions

    I want to build a Klunker next. I defiantly want something with a straight bar look, and not too new. A neighbor has a 70s workman frame that he will sell me for $90. Its the one with the double kink down tube. I really like the kink in the top tube, and the fact that you can use a 1-1/8...
  15. blown240

    (ORBO) Massif Build

    I saw that there was a Off Road Build Off so I had this thread moves here! I mountain bike, its what I do. My boy has been riding his Specialized Hotrock off road a bit, but as a single speed, he struggles. And he has been bummed a couple times when I do sand or snow rides, and he can't...
  16. blown240

    Snow Ride!

    Its a rare opportunity that I get to ride in the snow. The last time I went was over 2 years ago. Well on Monday I got to go up to Big Bear, Ca and ride! They have had over 3 feet of snow in the last week, so it was a little hard to find a trail that had been groomed, but once we did it was...
  17. blown240

    Surprise Makeover

    My buddy Jeff recently bought a Gravity Monster Pro from He really likes it, but hated the color and wanted to upgrade it a bit. So his wife and I decided to surprise him with a bike makeover! She bought him a new Surly Bud 4.8" front tire, leather grips, a new Brooks B17...
  18. blown240

    Work Gloves

    Last night I was working on my Intense project and had a cut off wheel come apart on me. It cut my hand up pretty good. Of course I didn't have any gloves on, like an idiot. What gloves do you guys wear when working in the garage? I have a set of heavy leather ones that are good for welding...
  19. blown240


    A word of caution on overly drilled rims: I had one that stared to fail this weekend! The spoke tension is pulling the rim towards the center and there isn't enough meat to keep the aluminum from bending. This is on the triangle holes rim. The rims I have with the 1.5" holes are holding...
  20. blown240

    First Downhill Fatbike

    man this is COOL!