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    (MBBO#05 Class 2) "What the Baryshnikov?!?"

    "That was delicate but ....... fierce." I'm partially in. Probably wont make the finish date since I have a family member on the way out. I'm hoping skating and building will take my mind off things and had fun last time I did a muscle bike Anyhow I have a frame, 20' of 1016 DOM tubing, some...
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    BOXKAR shifters

    Anyone out there have one that they could give me the shift arm O.D. size and thread pitch? Doing a one off shifter arm for one and haven't gotten a response from them yet. I know a few of you guys are running these so feel free to chime in! Thanks!
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    Budget Cut$

    Well, I'll try to join in. Not sure if I'll have enough free time to make it to the end but what the heck. I haven't made a frame in a few months, so might as well get one thats long and low knocked out. Pics at some point.
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    Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch (MBBO CLASS 1)

    This will be a non modified build. Class 1, I think its called. Doing a little horse trading with Double Nickle and I'll soon have a coppertone Stingray frame. I have a bunch of parts collecting dust from over the years and it's enough to build a beater with. I was originally going to toss my...
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    Small world

    Just found one of gaskill's build on one of our L.B.S'. facebook:
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    This is kinda my spare time shop project: Probably won't see the road in finished version too soon but when it does think 60's show bike. Promptly got it stripped down and ready for it's new life: Decided that the s2 with a 20x2.125 wasn't going to cut it, so I ended up spending a few weekends...
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    Did some horse swapping yesterday

    2 sets of bars and a little driving and I ended up with this in my trunk:
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    May cause HYSTERICAL

    Well, I don't know if I'll have time to finish this but I'm gonna try anyhow. I'll try to get some pictures sometime in the not to distant future. But for now....I'll just set the wayback machine set to 1973! :P
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    "The Wonderful What Ev"

    Nothing to exciting, mostly paint and bolt on's but It's a customers bike so I have little to no say. :lol: Anyhow, here's the start: Got some parts coming in from Chimichanga(THANKS AGAIN!) and I'll have some updates as soon as I get something done. Just stripping paint and getting ready to...
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    Cool name pending for now. :lol: This will be a fast one unlike most of my other stuff. Oh. Yeah, picture. :P
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    Du doch nicht!!

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    nothing special...

    or the sunday funady build.... some may recognize this from rrbbo #5: the bike was always just a little to small for me and my sons almost outgrown his 20" ers so i figured instead of it hanging and collecting dust longer id set him up for next summer with a pre-war cruiser... tossed some stuff...
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    ill toss some better pictures up later but for now(so i dont forget to post before the deadline.)..... artsy(HA!) pics! better than the ones that are taken by professional photographers huh?!?(at least i used the decent camera this time) :lol: BUILD THREAD
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    getting tanked on a sunday...

    i dont know if this is the correct place for this if not pm me please(moderator) and ill move it to where it needs to be(im guessing since it is scratch built itll be fine). now...lets get tanked! moto-bike tanked that is :P got the thing cut and bent and tacked togeather when i noticed i...
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    D.I.Y. tool thread

    im a big fan of keeping my cash and making stuff so i figured id start a thread on low buck D.I.Y. things that come in very handy... ill start with this one: truing stand for $3 :shock: the steel was a weight bench that was a trash grab(shhhh dont tell anyone i took some trash!!) the...
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    "Sarcasmatron" rideable?

    "If you hear any noise its just me and the boys....." cuz were taking funk to heaven with this '77! yes the frame is pink my seat is white and this build is being narrated by.......KID DY-NO-MITE!!!!! I AM YOUR MOTHERSHIP CONNECTION
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    B frame

    well....i will leave it at that for now but heres some pictures.... theres the frame :mrgreen: and heres the forks... dont worry....theyll be 10"-11" longer than the messing around shots.... so now you all know where this build is going! right? yeah....i thought so :wink: (after the 5th all...
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    local show

    i know the pics arent very diverse(sorry but the 'hotrod' scene here is awful unless you like 60s-70s muscle cars or high $ street rods :roll: ) and are small in numbers but heres what we had today....
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    "Beautiful Loser"

    well as you may have seen a few of weeks ago my wifes ride gave up the ghost so it was time for a new build and since ive got way to many bikes and that was all she had i figured "Marion" had been waiting 3 or 4 years whats another month or for the history! wifes first ride after...