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  1. ricksterr1221

    69 Schwinn Panther - $700 obo

    I know a lot of guys on here wanted this one when i wad a kid. I found a 52 schwinn phantom id like to have. toying with the idea of selling this to get that. Reach out to me here or via Facebook if you're interested. I am asking $700 obo. This is my im not sure if i want to sell it yet price...
  2. ricksterr1221

    57 Schwinn Spitfire

    Howdy fellers. Stuck some fatter black walls on the old spitfire. also stuck the original chainguard back on it with some new handlebars as well. might try and "patina" the back rack in black to make it look correct. searching for an old schwinn Springer for the front or some schwinn truss rods...
  3. ricksterr1221

    Look who it is! The Panther is back

    Put new tires on and new handlebars. Cannot remember why but i took a link out of my chain years and years ago. With the new tire its rubbing my fender. Off to the bikeshop tomorrow for a new chain. I need a seat(this ones frames broke) and would like a new headlight or to get this one rechromed...
  4. ricksterr1221

    What kind of bike is this?

    Hey yall, I am about to try and go pick this old turd up. What is it?!
  5. ricksterr1221

    First bikeride in years.

    Well i dug out some of my old schwinns fellas. My 50s spitfire and 70s hollywood. Loaded with dust! I aired up those tires and hit the road. Took my old hogs on a 4 mile blast around my neighborhood. We rode to the oldest cemetery in my city. Heres some pics! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. ricksterr1221

    WTB Green Schwinn Mens Seat

    Hi fellas, long time no speak! Since ive quit peddling ive gotten fat(er). Its time to pull out my prized schwinn panther and hit the streets again. I screwed up my original seat so im looking to buy a replacement original style seat. Id like one with the crash bar like the one below but open...
  7. ricksterr1221

    As the world turns, the DAYS of my life...

    How is everyone? I periodically check on y'all fellas once in a while. Hope everyone is doing good! I am in the process of buying my first home, got a full basement, which is where my bikes are gonna live. I only have a couple left. I have been reading some of my old posts, thanks to all...
  8. ricksterr1221

    it's been a while

    How's everyone been? Just seeing how all my rat bike veterans are doing.
  9. ricksterr1221

    Tour De Troit - MICHIGAN FOLK'S Great cause, cool event for a city thats reconstructing and doing amazing things! My work sponsors it so I figured I'd try to get some guys with bikes with flavor to join along. Check it out MI folks! :) Here are some pic's from previous rides...
  10. ricksterr1221

    Long time no see!

    THE RICKSTERR RETURNS Breifly, I was just looking for something on google images and came across a picture from the site, had to pop in and say hey to yall! Havent spoke to yall in a bit. Just wanted to let yall know im still alive. lol. Hows everyone been? Im good, 22 years old now. Work full...
  11. ricksterr1221

    All the bikes are now pushed aside..

    Because dad gave me our hotrod! When he bought it when i was about 6 or 7, he'd told me it was my graduation present. I never forgot that. We cruised in it for a couple years, and he just parked it in the garage, and sort of forgot about it. This happened in about 2000. Years pass and she still...
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    Ricksterr has graduated from highschool, with honors, top 10 in his class. Ricksterr has been with the same girl for 6 months. Ricksterr is looking for work. But most importantly, Ricksterr has realized he has not been staying true to his passion, Bicycle customization! :cry: I almost threw a...
  13. ricksterr1221

    Prayers please guys..

    So my girlfriend has been dealing with absence seizures since about the age of 9. Shes dealt with them fine for years, and over the past summer they started getting worse, and worse.. I met her in september, and she was having maybe 5-10 a day and well.. Now there to the point where shes having...
  14. ricksterr1221

    Attack of the Cambells soup man.

    Lol! :lol: looking thru old pics, found this, any guys member this?
  15. ricksterr1221

    Mopar Woes

    My buddy jesse got t-boned in his 80 dodge d-100 Stepside.. Poor kids been wrenching and busting his butt to make it into somthing, he brought it so far, was just getting it to where he likes it. As he was on his way home from work crossing an intersection, a lady in a 09 ford fusion runs the...
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  17. ricksterr1221

    Whats been consuming most of my time...

    I got a braaand new girlfriennnd!!! :lol: So happy! Was single for a little bit there, Im back though!! 8) Her names Samantha. So weird kissing a girl with the tongue ring.. :lol: ANYWAYS! Whats up guys? Whats been going on? Lifes been busy...
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    So i was biking home from my friends last night.. Its deff. getting to cold for riding. Ne who- Im riding down the street and decide to try n wheelie past my friends house, i get it up keep it going, and i kept pulling it up and goin faster (wasnt in the right frame of mind :roll: ) And it...
  19. ricksterr1221

    The Butthole Surfers

    Cool band I discovered on the wonderful world of youtube. Ive been getting into the grungy music lately. Heres a song i relly like by them, its called PEPPER.
  20. ricksterr1221

    80's Schwinn Cruiser Parts bike

    I got this old girl for $10 bucks at the flea market. Its got Niiiice schwinn s-2's and near new whitewalls. I rode it away lol Total steal. :mrgreen: