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    X53 Parts

    looking for western flyer X53 parts. Any condition considered. Tank? Chain guard? Whatever?
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    Great builds y’all!

    ive been out of the loop for a couple years but y’all have inspired me! Thanks!
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    A couple of tricycles

    Picked up this one today: I found this one a couple of weeks ago: These will probably end up as yard art. Not sure why I love the old trikes, but I do! My apologies for the crappy photos.
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    Strange but cool girls 20"

    Picked this up dirt cheap just because I thought it was cool with some awesome parts. Looks like some kid's attempt at a chopper in the 60's. I may stick a correct size wheel on the front & fix it up for my grand daughter. I love the patina but she probably won't. Western Flyer, made in Belgium.
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    Anymore Jeep freaks out there?

    I've had this 1974 Jeep CJ5 for over 30 years & I love it. Just over 45,000 miles on it. Just put new brakes & tires on it recently. Next will be a lift kit, LED light bar & new bumpers. If there are anymore Jeep freaks on the site, show them off!
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    Columbia Fire Arrow

    I got this today at the Bikes at the Ballfield swap/show in Augusta, KS. I think it may be a 1966 model but not sure. Serial # is:S282023. If anyone has any info on these I would appreciate it if you would share. Got it CHEAP!
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    ~iRATional Fe2O3~

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    (MBBO#04 Class 1) ~outsider~

    I'm thinking about jumping in with the bike I entered last year, but didn't get any further than stripping paint & mock ups! Not sure if this is acceptable since it was entered last year & not finished. If it's ok with you guys, I will try to finally make it a rider. My vision has changed...
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    Anyone know what happened to this bike?

    This was the 2011 "Annual" RRB Auction bike. This was 2nd & last auction bike completed & auctioned. Just curious what happened to it.
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    Date this Old Lady? Roadmaster

    I've had this bike for a few years. I think it's late 40's or early 50's model but not sure. Serial # on BB is: J43327 Cw
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    ~iRATional~ fe2o3

    1946 CWC rat with Monark springer & train light.
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    (MBBO Class 1) Hillbilly ~ Throwing in the Towel!

    Going to try to throw something together with parts I have lying around. I'm thinking bare metal finish. Other than that I have no clue. Starting with this. Not sold on these wheels yet, going to sandblast them & see what they look like.
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    The "Who's not gonna finish?" Thread

    I guess I'll be the first to bow/wimp out! I have lost interest in the 20" build & my grandson doesn't seem excited about it either. Working a lot lately & don't have time to finish it. Any spare time I do have will be dedicated to building my X-53 frame I just recently found a fork for. My...
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    Help dating this 20" Western Flyer

    The only numbers I can read on the BB are: B08651 AC
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    Another 20 showed up tonight

    My son pulled this out of the dumpster at work today & brought it to me. My wife was thrilled. NOT! Anyway, it screams mini board tracker to me. 1950's? Western Flyer: My apologies for the crappy pics, all I have is my cell phone camera.
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    Thinking I may possibly jump in with this:
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    Cool 20" Western Flyer

    Picked this up today. Made in Germany. Possibly original tires, front is great, back is bald (go figure!) Probably will just clean this up & add it to my Grandson's collection, Goes real good with this girls Mercury:
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    Cool 50's? 20" Ballooner

    Not super fresh but I got this a while back to build for my grand daughter. It's been sitting in the garage for about a year or more. Boxed up in parts. My plan was to completely restore it for her. I put it all together to see what it looked like & now think I will just clean it up & leave...
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    Monark Dual Springer question

    Does anyone know the thread pitch, size etc. for the acorn nuts on an original Monark springer with dual springs? Any help is appreciated.