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  1. J

    Nirve C1 Beer runner

    All of my bikes are too nice to park at the local shops even if locked so i needed to find a cheap cool ride. I was lucky to pick up this bargain Nirve C1 this week from a seaside town. Fair bit of corrosion on the spokes and chain and in desperate need of a service. I cleaned and greased all...
  2. J

    Roadmaster Tribute Bike

    My first new bike was a cheap 70’s Taiwanese built Roadmaster 10 speed. I have a lot of good memories of that bike but changing the cotter pins on the cranks countless times is not one of them. A friend gave me a Chinese made Schwinn Cruiser 3 about 10 years ago that he got in a deal. I decided...
  3. J


    I got this 1936 Schwinn built BF Goodrich Streamline frame last year. I had it stripped last week and its surprisingly solid given its age. The rear triangle was bent which I've managed to correct. The downtube is damaged and dented in a few places but solid so I've decided to leave it. The rear...
  4. J


    I would like to know if it is possible to remove the shim inside the seat tube of a cwc frame and fit a wider seat post. I believe the cwc post is 5/8" diameter solid bar. Anyone done it before?
  5. J

    Seasons Greetings to all

    I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Have a great day with your friends and family and ride on to a better year in 2021
  6. J

    First ride on the Red Menace

    Beautiful summer’s day in Melbourne. 15 mile ride around the city. My new ride flies. Feels like i’m 16 again bombing around town. Holley Performance was the last old school speedshop less than 1.2 miles from the city centre. Took my first car there to get tuned when i was 18. Got to know the...
  7. J

    Red Menace Build

    I purchased a Red Menace frame and fork kit a while ago from Paul at Atomic Cycles. I would really like to thank him for packing it so well so it made it to Australia without damage. Most of the parts on this bike were destined for another build however the frame I was going to use was severely...
  8. J

    Show us your kid’s bikes

    I snagged this unused freaky looking chwinn slik chik recently for one of my girls. Needless to say my wife and older daughter weren’t too impressed with the kiddy flower power theme! I always wanted to have a go at candy paint. Primer, silver metallic, candy and finally clear. The final finish...
  9. J

    Malfuntioning nexus 3

    A mate gave me his chwinn cruiser 3 recently in the hope i could fix the nexus 3 coaster hub. The coaster brake seems to lock after being applied. I have pulled it apart but cannot find anything. The bike doesn’t seem to have done much work.
  10. J

    26" BMX Handlebars with more back sweep

    Hi. I've been looking for bars like the old VDC style with more back sweep/pullback and as high as a Kos bar. I have the velo klunker bars on my mountain bike which have 45 degree back sweep. They're really comfortable and look great but are a little low for a BMX cruiser. I emailed Alan of als...
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    Watched this last night with my young kids. They enjoyed the stunts and riding. I was 16 when this was released. Other than all the bike stuff I really liked seeing all the old Aussie cars.
  12. J

    for the looptail fans....

    Listed on the cabe at $500. I'd be all over it if I were closer
  13. J

    Scorpion 26"

    Spotted this on ebay with some some interesting parts.
  14. J

    WTP Avenger for one of the kids

    I was cleaning up at at work today with my eldest daughter. She spotted the avenger frame i pulled out the other day and asked If i could build her a bike as she's out grown her 20" wheel bike and her new bike isn't arriving for another 2 months. She's 10 but tall for her age and its a perfect...
  15. J

    51 Panther

    Built this up last weekend. Its a 51 Panther. Paint is original in parts, touched up some of the black and then rubbed most of it off. Wheels and seat are from my late heavy duti, cromo forks and cranks are from a wtp avenger. Repro Schwinn stem. Handlebar from a chinese made Schwinn, girls...
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    Hi from downunder

    Hi. I'm Joe, 53 and writing downunder from Melbourne, Australia. Love this forum and it has driven me to build bikes and get back on one after years. I was into bikes early and always tinkering with them. Got into the bmx craze in my teens, first with a modified dragster, then an Australian...