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    Is this a Monarch?

    Hey all, I think im on the right track, but ive been known to be wrong a time or 2,..maybe 3 :lol: Pretty sure theres supposed to be a tank there, maybe a rear carrier as well, and that headlight looks wrong also. Anyone know what this is supposed to look like? Hoping to get it for a decent...
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    Rats in a row

    Just a thread to put the bikes i've built for the site here in one place, kind of a builders gallery I guess.Here they are in build order; Forked Up; Build thread; My 1st Boardtracker; Build thread...
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    Big Wheel 2.0 WIPE-OUTS !!!

    Hey gang! Truth be told, it's been finished for nearly a week now, for whatever reason I thought the deadline was last weekend. We've had so much fun riding the thing it's already back in the shop for repair :roll: (just a snapped brace caused by dropping the bogie wheels hard repeatedly) 1st...
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    Big wheel 2.0

    Some of you here are old enough to remember when the big wheel came out. (the plastic trike with the handbrake that let you do cool spin-outs) Growing up on a gravel road made owning one pointless, so my only chance to ride 1 was when we drove into town to visit my cousins. Fast forward a few...
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    trike axle question (pic added)

    Hey trike owners, do trike axles have toe in? There is a 1 inch difference in width when measured in front vs back. Am i dealing with a bent axle, or is this factory engineered? I've already laced my 1st set of custom wheels, but really dont want to do all sorts of cutting and welding only to...
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    Fish-mouthing tubing set-ups

    Anybody have pics of their set-ups to fish-mouth tubing? I've a couple ideas on how to go about it, like a hole saw mounted in a press, or a rounded wheel bench grinder. I suppose even a good jig-saw would do on mild steel. What are you guys using? Rick
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    Big Red gets Sprung !

    So, now that the build off is over and I had a little rest, I thought it was time I tackled a project/upgrade i'd been considering for months. Some of you may remember big red, my 9 foot long chopper. I haven't been riding it as much as I liked to because the riding position was murder on my...
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    92 at last count

    Nope, thats not how many bikes I own, thats how many entries there were at last count in the bbo. Somehow I doubt theres gonna be a single runaway winner with this many entries. I might have to start sketching and planning next years build now if I'm even going to stand a chance against the...
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    Stove-bolt Special

    Just want to start by saying you guys and gals rock, truly. Each build off, you manage to raise the bar higher and higher by building some of the cleanest, wildest, righteous rides on the planet! This is the best I could do to keep up with you.:wink: Before and after Took the...
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    Pete's (cyclejunk) scores

    Hey all, just doing cyclejunk a fave and posting a pic of the 2 classics he stole..errr i mean scored a few weeks ago :mrgreen: Seller was happy and so is Pete, nothing wrong with a good find! Rick
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    Any welders in the house?

    Hey gang, as it stands now, my entry in the bbo is in jeopardy. In order to use the front end I want, i've had to weld the bearing cups to the frame, and stretch the fork stem the same length. The problem is, the welds keep cracking :x I'm using a mig welder with flux-core wire, heat set on...
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    The "Stovebolt Special" Ring the dinner bell, its Done!

    Completed thread; So i'm late to the build off, having a hard time finding a frame. Saw an online ad with this for sale, and wouldn't you know it; this is the exact same bike I started last years build off with, the new style schwinn...
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    RATS in the Capital ?!? 8)

    So the 2 evil rat genuises of eastern Ontario decided to hook up and go for a tour. Pete and I, along with our sons, met up downtown for the first time yesterday. Almost immediately we began plotting how to rat-ify the town. :D We will be looking for some input as to how to start up an...
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    What a crying shame

    So, I had a fairly rare muscle bike dropped off to me yesterday, a Eatons Fastback 100 Glider. They were carbon copies of the famous Raleigh 3 speed chopper made for a department store here in Canada. This is what it looked like back in 1970, according to the serial #. And this is what it looks...
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    Put yourself on the map, literally

    Cman set up a map a little while ago, why aren't you on it yet? Cant wait to see this thing fill up 8) Rick EDIT; For some reason, this wont show up as a hot-link, just copy and paste into your address bar, it works that way.
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    I fought the crank, and the crank won (so far)

    So I had the bright idea yesterday that i'd spend a few hours putting a rear suspension set up on big red. For those unfamiliar with it, red's my 9 foot long chopper, a head turner for sure, but murder on my back even with the sprung seat. I was given a dual suspension mountain bike(about 2...
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    springer speed wobble warning/problem

    So, earlier in the week,the weather finally reached comfort level (50-some degrees) and my son and I head out for the 1st real ride of the season. As usual, i'm riding point on my chopper, he's riding tail on his 20' blue Macargi. As you can see in the pic, the spring has been completely removed...
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    messing around before the race yesterday

    So, the 500 didnt start until 5pm eastern, and I had a few hours to kill. Hmm what to do,what to do.....clean the house? Nah Do laundry,...Nope :roll: I know, lets go bash some parts and see what fits where :lol: :lol: Start with a box store mountain bike, this one from the classifieds...
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    So we had a neighbour stop by today..(V.I.P)

    Seems like Pres. Obama likes our little capital, although it was a little too chilly at 22 degrees. Guess it's a good thing he didnt come by last month ! :D He said he would come back when its a little warmer though. Maybe he will surprise his people and do another random mini tour downtown...
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    Quick, I.D. help please !!

    Hey all, this is coming up for auction this weekend. I know its a cleveland welding co. , but I haven't the faintest clue what year, or what kinda max bid I should put on this thing. I tried searching old roads to put a year/decade to it, but i'm not having much luck. Sorry for the low res...