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    Kona Cafe'

    '97 Kona AA Mountain Shock is the base to this build. A nice lightweight frame built from Easton 7005 aluminum tubes. Bought this bike a few months ago with 27.2 seatpost stuck in a 27.0 hole, shot bottom bracket, broken shifters, frayed/rusted shift cables, mangled cable guide on top tube, and...
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    Rhiannon's Ride

    Photo is of the bike as I received it. The ladies Schwinn Cruiser Four has been liberated of it's wheelset. And the stem, bars, seat and seatpost have been removed. A different, darker look is in the cards.
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    Gonna try and turn this ladies/mixte Windsor Kensington 8 into something with more entertainment value. Started to see some possibility that it could be a cool bike...maybe...after I took the racks and fenders off. Sticker says 4130, so that's something I guess. The wheelsets that I bought it...
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    Prairie Cracker

    Big boy 20" BMX econo build with a ratty attitude and no real concern of winning, just a fun rider, is the plan. Started life as a classic Japanese Tange lugged frame and fork MTB known as the Shogun Prairie Breaker II (shown with Schwinn Sierra front wheel). Rusty nuts and bolts. Rotten tires...
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    Meet Virginia

    Meet Virginia, Smooth Bahama Blaster, Lake Loafer, Pirate's Princess, Carribean Queen, Whiskey Girl Started this bike with no clear direction other than I wanted it to have a BMX style. It's an unknown post-Chicago Schwinn "cruiser" with twin top tubes. Lucked into a super smooth shifting...
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    Two short banana seats?

    Scored this for two bucks Thinkin I could cut it in half and shape it like two extra long cruiser seats
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    Kona AA 26" BMX Cruiser

    This bike doesn't have much in common with what most folks on this site start out with. But it was cheap. And at least the tubing that the frame was built from was made in the U.S.A. The plan, as you may have heard, is a 26" BMX styled cruiser. Not sure how much I want to invest in this. But it...
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    Future BMX Cruisers. Kona AA and an old HardRock

    Some real shady pictures on some stale Craigslist adds. So I figured I'd check'em out. My pics aren't great either. It was getting dark when I took these with the phone. The 90-ish Specialized Hardrock.I might've gave too much for this one. They originally listed it for $150, then $100, then...
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    Preferred BMX Cruiser rear hub

    Thinking ahead past my generally procrastinating with indecision, trying to keep up with the Jones's build-off bike. Which seems to be headed towards a blend of klunker-cruiser-road bike-with a touch of BMX influence that has no real chance of winning. I've began to look forward to building a...
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    Fake Schwinn "Ameican"

    Picked up these three bikes yesterday in a package deal. The Schwinn has an American chainguard crudely screwed into the rear frame, which could've came from who knows where over the past 60 or more years. The Schwinn serial number location, at the dropouts(60 to 69?), puts it in the range...
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    Square Peg turned Dirty Diana

    This is what Peg basically looked like to me when I brought her home. Even her formal name, Windsor Kennsington, was something I'd like to forget. I took her on because she was cheap and friendly with an 8-speed internal rear end that I wanted bad. Those wheels had already been stripped for...
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    Meet Virginia, Smooth Bahama Blaster, Lake Loafer, Pirate's Princess, Whiskey Girl

    Virginia's hair was a mess when I found her. And I expect it will always be to some ends. Her bearings hit the ground and rolled around loosely as she was undressed. She'll likely never be a finished product. She doesn't know what she wants to be. Cruiser, klunker, road bike, all three? But...