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    let me see your chopper bicycles

    Big red, shortly after I bought it; After riding rigid for a season, my back was pooched. Chopped up a dep't store bike for the suspension; My son's chopper, built for the kids bbo' Big wheel 2.0 The chopper thats also a spin trike; More pics in my photobucket...
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    Is this a Monarch?

    Hey all, I think im on the right track, but ive been known to be wrong a time or 2,..maybe 3 :lol: Pretty sure theres supposed to be a tank there, maybe a rear carrier as well, and that headlight looks wrong also. Anyone know what this is supposed to look like? Hoping to get it for a decent...
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    High Roller Adult Big Wheel

    Here's how I did it; viewtopic.php?f=38&t=22242&p=223204#p223204 Rick
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    mounting a headlight on a springer

    Guess it depends on what bracketry you can find/make, i've done it a few different ways; Hope that helps, Rick
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    Quick Question concerning Cycle Trucks

    Cycle trucks are typically 26 rear and 20 front for 2 main reasons, 1 is to keep the center of gravity as low as possible when carrying a load, and 2, to keep the load down low so the rider can see over what they are carrying. If you're building it from scratch, remember to keep it strong and...
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    Trike Question

    Hey Kendall, if you're dead set on a multi speed rear hub, honestly, your best bet would be to purchase a trike rear end kit, and build the rest of your trike around that. Building your own hubs is suprisingly easier than it sounds, in fact heres a link to the zombies tutorial on how to...
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    skull-o sis (lights, camera, devilution! )

    Re: skull-o sis (almost stolen) Hey leigh, you have to wonder exactly what he was thinking, trying to grab a one of a kind custom? Did he think he was going to be able to keep it and ride it around town without anyone noticing? Heck, you should have let him hop on and try to ride off...
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    skull-o sis (lights, camera, devilution! )

    Re: skull-osis (name pending) Yo Leigh, i'd seen your previous post showing that frame, but it wasn't until you showed the entire bike that it hit me. My buddy (as a kid) used to have the exact bike, which we used to jump over the hood of a car. We set up a ramp consisting of a 2x12, 2...
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    You boardtrack guys don't know what cool is...

    Well, they arent quite apes, but check out the funkalishious bars this vintage lil czeck came with! And its a 3 speed too, so you can really get some speed up b4 it folds and kills you! :lol: Rick
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    Rats in a row

    Just a thread to put the bikes i've built for the site here in one place, kind of a builders gallery I guess.Here they are in build order; Forked Up; Build thread; My 1st Boardtracker; Build thread...
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    Street skinny cruiser thread!

    Here's a twofer; I've got to get some decent solo pics of that orange norco in the background one of these days; it's all original and deserves it's own pictures. :roll: Rick
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    Big wheel 2.0

    Kim, thanks for the heads up on the special crank, i'm not 100% sure I follow how to build one, but I know how to spend $ lol Fireproof, thanks much for the apes link, might be just what I need! So, I guess it's time to post the re-build pics, here ya go; Everything spread out and ready to go...
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    Big Wheel 2.0 WIPE-OUTS !!!

    Hey gang! Truth be told, it's been finished for nearly a week now, for whatever reason I thought the deadline was last weekend. We've had so much fun riding the thing it's already back in the shop for repair :roll: (just a snapped brace caused by dropping the bogie wheels hard repeatedly) 1st...
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    Easy Rider - Captain America Bike

    Pretty schw-eet looking John, no wonder you were checking out my trike build :D Funny how 2 people can take the same bikes and think of totally different (and yet still cool custom)roads to take them down. Those apes you used, are they double knurled where they bolt in like the schwinn bars? Rick
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    Big wheel 2.0

    So, it's now Sat. night, close to midnight eastern by the time this post is done. Started in the shop at 9am. Been a long time since i've played with body filler. The frame is just sitting in the bench-vise waiting to be hung. This is my hi-tech frame painting system, a pair of old braided...
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    Big wheel 2.0

    LOL, O.k., I see the kind of advice that i'm going to get this time around :P :roll: All I know is as I sit here typing, it's Nov. 25 and the deadline is hours away (5 days or so worth of hours, but still....) I already own too many red bikes, and my last bbo entry was flat black....maybe i'll...
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    Big wheel 2.0

    :roll: :P I should have realized I was setting myself up for that, Deorman! Somehow, I dont think the blue n yellow works for me. Actually, if you want to reminisce and kill 2 minutes and see a ton of different versions, go here; then click history, then click...
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    Big wheel 2.0

    Spent most of my lunch hour working on the little details, running cables and such, making the deadline is going to be tight. Had to cut a new hole in the frame so the cable would be on the proper side for the derailleur. Taped paper to a factory hole and rubbed a piece of metal to copy it...
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    Big wheel 2.0

    So, been chipping away at this thing a few hours here and there, made a ton of progress, and have had to sacrifice a few ideas. I had planned to make it a dual drive as well, I wanted to have electric power at the ready, so I put a lot of time into making templates, mounts and such. I'd...
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    Let Me Spout Off

    I'm not surewhat you're using for a browser, but I suspect some windows variant. Give firefox a shot, you can easily customize whats allowed to appear on your screen. 8) Also, try turning off java while browsing here, see if that works for you. It does here, but I still click the odd add or 3...