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  1. 1oldbikelover

    WCC bike parts wanted

    in search of original Jesse James West Coast Chopper grips and chrome bar end plugs. Let me know what you have. Thanks, choppah fans!
  2. 1oldbikelover

    Snagged another Jesse James WWC

    Just had to buy another one.....was looking for a red one locally but got another chromee ....bars have been changed and missing chain guard and stem cover but love the way these lil choppers ride. In search of bar ends and grips for my choppah!
  3. 1oldbikelover

    Sidewalk bike

    just picked up this odd lil beauty yesterday. Picking up valuable info from fellow bike afficionados about this bike and still searching. Thinking its Gendron or Colson. 12x 1.75 solid rubber tire with fixed hub.
  4. 1oldbikelover

    26" wheel folder

    i have a few of the English small wheel folders so I thought I'd get a bigger wheeled one. Interesting old tech folding mountain bike that works! Definitely will not ride this beast where I ride my fully but a fun bike nontheless.
  5. 1oldbikelover

    4th Annual Plum Fest. Plum Island, Newbury, MA May 19, 2018

    Anyone interested in riding along with my posse to as many bands as we can see, come on down. As the ad says, it's all free. We will be meeting up with our bikes at 11 am at the big field parking lot just after the small airport on right side. There will also be parking a little closer near...
  6. 1oldbikelover

    Columbia Firebolt

    Just picked up this '61 Firebolt today. It's been painted and is missing it's tank and wearing mismatched wheels and seat but still cool to me. It's a smooth rider. Hoping a reasonably priced tank will come up for sale in the near future. It will accompany my '60 FireArrow.
  7. 1oldbikelover

    My '94 Mini Harley Davidson bicycle

    H Recently acquired this Roadmaster Harley Davidson bicycle. Everything works including its electronic motor sound. Missing a black box normally found on each side just below the seat. My grandsons will love this bike as soon as they are old enough to ride it!
  8. 1oldbikelover

    Stingray shifter cable

    in need of a shifter cable for a '72 Schwinn Stardust with a 3 speed hub and thumb shifter. Let me know what you have.
  9. 1oldbikelover

    Lovell-Diamond Girl

    Y Recently acquired this frame locally. Found out that it was a locally made bicycle here in Massachusetts.
  10. 1oldbikelover


    Picked this up from a local gent..........Some battery corrosion to deal with but hopefully will fire right up. Instruction paper there but in rough but readable condition! Ready it roarrrr......
  11. 1oldbikelover


    Picked this up from a local gent..........Some battery corrosion to deal with but hopefully will fire right up. Instruction paper there but in rough but readable condition! Ready to roarrrr......
  12. 1oldbikelover

    NERRB and friends Annual Plum Island Vintage/Antique Classic bicycle ride

    I Approximately 18 mile round trip ride along the coastline. Mellow pace with stops and meet up afterwards for food and drink.
  13. 1oldbikelover

    Annual Plum Island Classic Vintage/ Antique Bicycle Ride

    Plum Island, Newbury, MA ...Approximately 18 mile round trip ride through the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge to Sandy Point State Reservation and back with food and drink at Beachcoma afterwards! Pre ride breakfast at Mad Martha's restaurant on Plum Island at 9am and ride starts at 11am...
  14. 1oldbikelover

    Plumfest 2017 Here's more info. I'll be there on bike head boppin to the tunes thru out Plum Island. Hope to see you there too!
  15. 1oldbikelover

    Plumfest 2017. Newbury, MA. (plum island)

    Any of my NEERB posse interested in riding their bikes from location to location to lots of free music from different bands on an Island in Newbury, MA ? Plumfest is happening Saturday May 20th. Food and beverage is available for cost but the music and good company is all FREE. Go to...
  16. 1oldbikelover

    Plumfest 2017

    Anyone enjoy riding their bikes on an island and going from one performing band to another? I'm in. Plumfest 2017 happening on Saturday May 20, 2017.....Plum Island, MA(town of Newbury, MA) Food and beverage available for sale but the music is FREE!
  17. 1oldbikelover

    Another girl

    newly acquired 1948 girls Columbia Deluxe......may become another plant stand or gift/starter bike for a newbie. She shows her hidden beauty with patina!
  18. 1oldbikelover

    Ross Eurotour 5

    heres my Ross Eurotour5 that was given to me. I was more interested in the Archer horn/radio setup and bike bag filled with a few goodies.
  19. 1oldbikelover

    River bottom BMX

    My neighbor knows I like bikes so he dropped off this bike to me.........but............must have been someone's boat anchor!
  20. 1oldbikelover

    The Bickertons.....oh so UK

    Just added 2 more Bickerton foldable bikes to my British Invasion collection. I aleady have a Mark 1....not sure if they are Mark 2's or 3's but I can see the improvements made to the frame integrity.