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  1. crazydave58

    1964 Moulton Stowaway

    I got lucky and found this recently. One owner bike. Amazing ! A few pics of before and after a cleanup. Still some work to do.
  2. crazydave58

    Rust removal

    Can someone tell me the best way to remove rust spots off this frame and fenders without affecting the paint around them..thx
  3. crazydave58

    Home made leather bike tool bag

    My brother passed away a little while back and left a bunch of leather craft tools plus a nice chunk of cowhide. I had never done any leathercrafting so I thought it would be cool to give it a try. Plus with this Covid thing still going on I needed to find things to occupy some time. I watched a...
  4. crazydave58

    Home Made Wooden Fenders

    So...I wanted wooden fenders for my new Moulton tsr but didn’t want to cough up a couple hundred bucks so I thought why not make my own..did some research on YouTube buddy gave me some nice North American ash and I had some spare copper pipe to make brackets...and some inlays...
  5. crazydave58

    Xtracycle free radical Longtail kit

    has anyone put one of these Longtail cargo kits on their bikes from xtracycle?...I’m interested in them...may get one...any feedback would be great..
  6. crazydave58

    Spartan Fender

    so...had enough fender left over from my custom 41 Schwinn build to use as a rear fender for my custom ruff electric usual I made things more complicated than needed to..could have just slapped on the raw metal fender on and ride away...but I had some scrap copper pipe that I thought I...
  7. crazydave58

    Fender mount help needed

    so I’ve got some fender pieces left over from my 41 Schwinn DX...I’ve got enough left to make a rear fender for my custom ruff electric bike...I like the beat up look of the metal on it so gonna keep it that way plus maybe get creative and add some copper bands and maybe some rivets and maybe...
  8. crazydave58

    1941 Schwinn DX custom

    pretty much done this bike for now...put a lot of time into this one...I like how it turned out...rides smooth too
  9. crazydave58

    Shimano 3CC 3 speed hub gear cable

    im fixing up an old worksman trike that has an old 3CC Shimano hub on it...the cable housing is damaged...I need a new cable or a way to fix the old cable..can’t find one online to buy...any help or suggestions are appreciated..thx
  10. crazydave58

    Worksman trike build

    picked up this early 90s Worksman it for $75...need a project to keep me busy during some of the winter...this thing is pretty crusty...was being used on a farm..the hubs and chain are covered in farm gunk... the frame looks solid...just a little surface should clean...
  11. crazydave58

    Ruff Lucky frame electric build

    so...decided to take my bafang kit off my vanmoof and put it on my custom ruff bike...took it for a good ride today...I really like how the 3 speed Shimano works with the bafang motor...I may put on a wider set of handlebars tho...very nice riding bike ...t rying out this axiom DLX rear rack...
  12. crazydave58

    Bafang kit on vanmoof

    got over 2000km on this 48 v 750 bafang kit I put on my vanmoof far no issues...great for around town...nice quiet motor...lots of power..can’t go wrong with this system imo..
  13. crazydave58

    Help needed with Vintage seat bracket

    hey guys...I have this vintage saddle I want to use on a build but the seat post bracket is worn out and the bolt is stretched...anybody know a place I can get a replacement bracket or have some other ideas on how I can fix this problem...thx
  14. crazydave58

    Ruff lucky frame build

    So I found a ruff lucky frame...their discontinued so I was lucky to find one..doing a little cruiser build with it...heres what I got so far..powder coated a root beer brown..put on 65mm rims with the full size cruzo tires...more pics to come as it progresses..:)
  15. crazydave58

    Jamis Bicycles

    Its nice to see a nice lineup of street cruisers and sport comfort cruisers with lots of options from one of the bigger bike companies. Check them out. the frames are not bad looking
  16. crazydave58

    Dye a brooks saddle?

    Has anyone on here ever dyed their brooks saddle? I have a brown B67 that I may dye black. I plan to deglaze the saddle with acetone and then apply Feibings black dye. Any info or advice is appreciated.
  17. crazydave58

    Bar Riser Question

    I'd like to raise my bars about an inch or so on my Felt Happy Hour cruiser but I don't want to replace the bars. Are there bar risers available that would fit it or does anyone know someone who would make them? Or, should I go with a stem riser. Has anyone tried this?..Any suggestions...
  18. crazydave58

    Question about switching rear hub

    I have a felt cruiser with a nexus 3 speed internal hub. I would really like to switch it to a 8 speed hub if possible. I believe the axle diameter on the 8 speed hub is 5mm larger than the 3 speed. 127mm 3speed 132 mm 8 speed----Can any of u guys tell me if there is a way to get the 8 speed to...
  19. crazydave58

    Felt Cruiser Frame Question

    I have a question that I think you guys can help me with about the felt cruiser frames like are used on the Troy Lee design bike. I have a chance to pick up the Happy Hour Troy Lee design bike for $500. The bike is about mint condition and I believe it is a 2007. I noticed in the pics the guy...
  20. crazydave58

    Vintage Style Tail light Question

    Anybody here know where I could get a vintage style tail light that runs on ordinary batteries? I like the looks of some of the old bullet lights and motorcycle vintage lights but they all either use a generator or wired . Maybe I could convert one of those old motorcycle lights to battery...