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  1. ratrodz

    REDUCED Silverking

    Hawthorne badged girls silverking with aluminum handlebars. Great platform for a custom build or restoration project! $250 + shipping from alb nm. PayPal only please. Shipping within the US only.
  2. ratrodz

    REDUCED Hiawatha fender ornaments

    These are reproduction Hiawatha Arrow fender ornaments. Limited availability on these! These are made from aluminum, some polished and some patina'd. $100.00 + shipping each, shipped from albuquerque nm PayPal only please.
  3. ratrodz

    SOLD Goodies inside!

    Prewar springer fork with inclosed axle mount holes. 6" steer tube, everything functions as it should, $140 shipped(sold) Cool old ball light! Put batteries in and bulb lit up, kinda weak... but works! $70 shipped(sold) Cool old 40's Delta battery canister $150 shipped(price drop)
  4. ratrodz

    SOLD Custom silverking tank

    What we have here is a one of a kind aluminum tank for the silverkings, this one is made of aluminum. This was fabricated and is a 1 of a kind! Hangs off the top tube with built in aluminum tank straps, was made for the standard (non-deluxe, non-locking) silverkings. $400 + shipping
  5. ratrodz

    REDUCED Schwinn Fender bomb

    Very nice patina'd REPRODUCTIONSchwinn Autocycle Aerial Fender Bomb Came across a few things I forgot I had, so if you need one, here ya go! This was professionally made, professionally machined, not produced in someone's basement out of aluminum foil, tears and magic. This aerial bomb is...
  6. ratrodz

    SOLD Monark rear light

    Monark silverking rear light housing and lense. I have 1 left with the lense polished (in picture) for $150, and 1 polished housing for $100.
  7. ratrodz

    Ratrodz BOoby prizes!

    So figured I'd toss some prizes into the pool! This is my first attempt at this so be kind!! Although everyone did a knock out job, there were some things that really stuck out to me!!! I reviewed pic and builds and more pics and phoned a friend to really narrow it down... in the end 4...
  8. ratrodz

    Flobar 1937 (Wingbar/Flocycle)

    Link to build thread: Just some fun around town! Quick walk around:
  9. ratrodz

    SOLD Speigal Airmen

    House painted Speigal Airmen. Would make a great rat project! Couple dents in the downtube and slight bow, overall frame is solid, no cracks that I can find. Includes frame, fork, truss rods and bracket, chain ring and skippy chain. I will toss in a crank arm cause this one was welded to the...
  10. ratrodz

    SOLD Elgin peaked or gothic fenders

    These are in pretty decent condition considering the age! Flat braces, cool (looks like headlight mount on front fender) house painted many moons ago, lol! Looks like the front fork mount was elongated for adjustment, but does not effect how it mounts. $100 plus shipping, in us only! If it's...
  11. ratrodz

    Silverking taillight housings

    Have a few extra, so I'm blowing them out!! These are raw recast of the silverkings battery powered taillight!! Clean up nice!! $50 shipped each
  12. ratrodz

    SOLD Cool ratty seat!

    Cool hair pin spring saddle! Old and used but super cool! Missing rivit and leather is old. I was going to steal the chasis for a custom seat pan project! $65 shipped from albuquerque nm. PayPal only
  13. ratrodz

    REDUCED Thinning the herd

    Cool old rollfast "rustina" completely gone through and clear coated to lock in the patina and graphics! Paint looks wet!! $400 shipped. Now $350 shipped! ! SOLD!!!
  14. ratrodz

    Flobar 1937 (Wingbar/Flocycle) FINISHED! ! !

    Going to start with this carcass! Maybe one of these!?! Add some of these... Got some work to do to one of these raw cast racks... And some donor parts from this...
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    Merry Christmas

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    Has anybody tried to...

    Anybody tried a JC higgins jetflow tank on a x53 frame?
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    Need some schwinn help

    Ok, I've got a Arnold Schwinn was told B6? Can't decode the id number 145648, it's under the crank. Admiral Arnold Schwinn